Hakha Chin Dictionary

The Hakha Chin Dictionary

These are taken from one of the few original English/Haka Chin dictionaries by David Van Bik. German to Chin (Hakha) dictionary. Chin Hakha dictionary and Chin Haka to English online translations by David Van Bik

At the moment we have English to Chin Hakha, Chin Hakha to English and a PDF for Chin Falam. Please check out our blogs to see how we update and improve the dictionary. This is an essay about the Chinese in Midland, Texas, USA and how this dictionary came into being.

Show me the dictionary hi a choah singing a si. Midland College Adult Education (www.midland.edu) needed a Chin Hakha dictionary in 2008, but a copy was hard to find. It was this need that motivated the volunteer to write this online dictionary to help Midland College adult education instructors and Chin Hakha pupils study English.

As we knew, when Midland College Adult Education had a dilemma of no lexicons, so did many others. As well as performing an on-line search in this dictionary, please click on the links below to one of the PDF files to be downloaded to your computer for offline use or for teaching or printing at home.

Deutsch Chin Dictionary

Hakha Chin Myanmar Dictionary Free (English Hakha Chin Burma Dictionary Free): Comprising more than 18,000 words from Hakha Chin (Myanmar) to Hakha Chin and over 23,400 words from Hakha Chin (Myanmar) to Englisch, this is the most comprehensive free off-line dictionary for androids with words that are periodically refreshed in terms of the number of words and their meanings.

Notice: Click the Menus pushbutton (3 items in the upper right corner of the screen) on the unit, then you see the menue at the bottom of the display and choose English to Chin or Chin to Chin to English to modify the dictionary (default is English to Chin).

translational memory and

This is the English-Hakha Chin dictionary. Enter the words or phrases you wish to tick in the text field on the right. Not only do we offer English-Hakha Chin and English-Hakha Chin glossaries, but also free of charge for all available language pair. It is known as a translator's TM and is very useful for the translator.

You can see not only the meaning of the words, but also how they are phrased. Most of our memory comes from human-made bodies in tandem. This kind of translations are a very useful supplement to a dictionary. Please help us create the biggest English-Hakha Chin dictionary available now. Just login and enter a new text.

This makes our English Hakha Chin dictionary a reality because it is written by mother -tongue translators who use the English dictionary every single working-day. And you can be sure that any errors in the dictionary will be quickly corrected so that you can count on our work. There will be tens of millions of people who will be thankful.

The addition of a new transmission creates a dozen new transmissions!

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