Hakha Bible Thiang

The Hakha Bible Thiang

bi-akam hloun le bi-akam thar. Books, 1999 Authors/Players:David Van Bik; R G Johnson; Bible Society of Myanmar. "Heilige Bibel in Lai (Hakha) Sprache, Myanmar" front page at the back side.

It has been compiled and spell-checked by D. Van Bik and R.G. Johnson with the support of a comittee. This is the name of the United Bible Societies language: Others titles:Bible. Baibal Thiang: bi-akam hloun le bi-akam thar/David Van Bik; R G Johnson; Bible Society of Myanmar;;[Rangoon] : Bible Society of Myanmar, 1999.

Hakha Post - CACC neih name than mi Lai Bible a choak,.....

Phrihfami can' t be with Bible Thiang, can't be with Rev. Dr. David Van Bik with Bible Thiang cu $ 40,000 rengl your in Korea ah and name than i would like to see more. Hakha (Laimi) can' t be with Bible cu Rev. Dr. David Van Bik can''nih a kan lehpiak mi a si.

In CACC, the bank will not be able to sell more than mi hi a hanu bike (2015 edition) than any other bank. KORYO is 7000 in name as a si i adam hi and near Kuahmah lia a si. "Myanmar's Bible Society of Myanmar can't have its own lung lingtlinpinak he can have a smile.

Well than a si song ah ah a a a fact ah a fact ah a factnin' a nh a ngan sa ng in Chuaah a si canglaai. Hhihi a nu wobbled a si bank in i negeih cio whawh i zam wna usih", tiah CACC GS a si mi Rev. Dr. Lal Uk neih The Hakha Post ah a. chil.

"Kanmah CACC le Bible Society in dollars ($) 40,226 yi in can name than mi a si. Can you frame the frame? You can't frame him then. 7,000 a si y, frame cu a phahw around mi (Zipper) US$ ($) 15 le a phahw around lo mi US$ 10 in can.

Saya Lai Cung no The Hakha Post ah a chil. " tiah Lai LACC Literature Secretary Saya Lai Cung no The Hakha Post ah a cim. "atu can bible ca hi yangon in hakha-man ngeitu Pu Tluang Uk a chungkar ne ih man lo n te one can furhpiak i can i la wt. do. The Bible chuahak ca ah The Bible Society of Myanmar the Bible of Myanmar the Bible of Myanmar can see much Thai in can see it.

Ramming lungng glah, Rammeng kong in pumping in siseh coah le kamat khaw a si," taah kuanvo ngeitu Saya Lai Cung neih a chilchap. CACC in Ctu banktuk no Lai Bible Thiang a name as mi cu Lai coaholh a aschotertu a si hantuk in Lai coaholh thankchonak ca ah Chin Tlangau thawngzamhca zong thu 1 woi 1 voi 1 in einem cuah i, jmaihlei ohcun thila 1 woi 2 huah thing zong Saduh an that koah.

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