Hakha is surrounded by the city of Hakha, the state capital. Moonrise and Moonset in Hakha. Moon phase Map of Hakha (Chin region / Myanmar), view from satellite. The Hakha (district, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. CAPA's Premium New Airport Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Hakha Airport.

Hakha Weather

Cloudiness, temperatures, pressure, winds: velocity, gusty conditions, atmospheric moisture, sun: Cloudiness, temperatures, pressure, winds: velocity, gusty conditions, atmospheric moisture, sun: Cloudiness, climate, pressure, winds: velocity, relative humidities, sun: Lunar: 2 hrs ago the minimal ambient temperatures ( +19 +66 oF) were recorded in Hakha. Over the last 12 hrs, the max. ambient climate ( +24°C +75 oF) was monitored in Mindat.

Chin, Hakha

State of chin: The Hakha Valleyship; Magway region: 2 small frontier areas in the far northernmost part of the country. It is used as a toilet in churches, markets, industry and some types of medias in parts of the state of Chin: The Hakha and Than Atlang Townships and parts of Matupi Townships. Thantlang, Zokhua. Utilised as L2 by Lautu Chin[clt], Matu Chin[hlt], Senthang Chin[sez], Thaiphum Chin[cth], Zyphe Chin[zyp].

Sound (Thlantlang), Zokhua. Utilized as L2 by Matu Chin[hlt], Zyphe Chin[zyp]. The most adolescents can learn to write in Hakha.

Khakha - capital of Chin Hills, Myanmar (Burma)

Hakha, the capitol of Chin State, is located in northern Chin State. Since Chin State is quite undulating, Hakha is constructed in U-shape on the hill. There' s only one major street in the centre of the town, in a bend in the street called the underground, and the whole town is constructed along this street.

One more street leads from the center of the town, for a brief time, which is the base of the U. Most of the populace is Chin with a few Burmese. Since the town is on the side of a hill, the landscape is very nice. There is a large hill on one side of the town, which shadows the town, while on the other side there are a number of hills that run kilometre by kilometre.

During the wet seasons and in winters, most of the lower parts of the town are covered in cloud, making the town look as if it were on top of the town. Looks like a big sea surrounds the town. It' quite chilly in the winters. It is also very breezy in winters.

Mornings and evenings the whole town is misty. Therefore, be cautious if you want to go to Hakha in Hakha in coldter. Hakha is best visited in hot and humid mornings. Streets are arid and rough, so it is not very risky to drive in this area.

But in the rain period the streets are quite damp and slick and there are common landslips, so it is very risky and unpleasant to ride during the rainfall. Winters, although the streets are arid, the climate is quite chilly and rough. You can either get to Hakha directly from Mandalay by coach or first to Kalay and from there by coach.

Mandalay has a daily service, except Sunday, but it is about 24hrs. There are two busses daily from Kalay to Hakha and it will take about 12 hrs to get to Hakha. Along the way you will cross the renowned Manipur River and bridge, which is very nice, as well as Phalam, another city in northern Chin State.

The coach from Kalay via Phalam to Hakha is a better way because it is more thrilling and the landscape is much more scenic. There is only one guest house in Hakha, the Zwe Guest House. There' are 3 or 4 lovely places to eat in Hakha. There is a teashop near the guest house, Yangon Teashop, selling good teas and roasted brown biscuits, so it's a good place if you want to eat latecome, but don't want to go too far.

Hakha has no transport, but it is possible to rent a motorbike. In Hakha, don't neglect to go to the central fair. However, please keep in mind that the local population is quite impoverished, the clothing has to be made by hands for quite some considerable amount of inconvenience.

Usually they don't charge a very high fee.

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