The Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Baluchistan, Pakistan. Gvadar, a hammerhead-shaped peninsula that rises into the Arabian Sea from the westernmost coast of Pakistan in the province of Baluchistan. **spspan class="mw-headline" id="EtymologieEtymologie[edit]>> Balochi and Urdu: ???

??; pronounced[?????], Arabic: ) is a seaport on the south-western shore of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is situated on the shore of the Arabian Sea opposite Oman. From 1783 to 1958 Gwadar was owned by Oman. Chabahar is situated about 120 kilometers to the south western side of Turbat, while the Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan is about 170 kilometers western of Gwadar.

The inhabitants of Gwadar, like most areas of Baluchistan, seem to be of age. The name Makran, the origin name of Baluchistan, is deduced from this type of population. Pura, the capitol of the Satrapie of Gedrosia, was probably near the Iranian Baluchistan's Bamp?r.

18 ] According to Seydi Ali Reis, the residents of Gwadar were Baloch and their chieftain was Malik Jelaleddin, Malik Dinar's second. Makran entered Pakistan in 1948 and was appointed a county - Gwadar was not accepted into Makran at that time. Gwadar and its surroundings were returned to Pakistan by Muscat in 1958.

Tahsil of Makran. Feroz Khan Noon's rule was when Gwadar joined[23] and it is promoted that Akbar Bugti was part of the negotiation as Secretary of State for Transport. The Makran quarter was split into three Distrikts on July 1, 1977: Turbat (Kech since 1994-95), Panjgur and Gwadar, which connect the 480 feet high Gwadar promontory with the Makran coast.

The Gwadar is located on the south-western shore of the Arab See in Pakistan in the Gwadar district of Baluchistan County. Gwadar, like Ormara further eastwards, lies on a hammer-headed open island and forms two almost perfectly, but naturally sweeping, semi-circular coves on both sides. It is located on a small and sand 12 km long strait that links the shores of Pakistan with cliffy foothills in the Arab Ocean known as Gwadar Promontory or Koh-e-Batil, reaching an elevation of 480ft. It stretches seven kilometres from east/west with a width of one mill.

31 ] The 800-foot narrow aisle on which Gwadar is situated divides the two almost perfectly semi-circular coves. The deep-sea port Demi Zirr, where the port of Gwadar was constructed, lies to the west of the isthmus. l. The port of Gwadar is situated to the north... The Gwadar has a warm deserts climat ( "Köppen BWh"), which is characterized by low rainfall and high temperature differences between the summers and winters.

Average monthly temperatures (June) are between 31°C and 32°C. At Gwadar the winter is short as the winter. Though Gwadar is outside the Monsugürtel, there are slight amounts of rain in June and August. Gwadar was whipped by Cyclone Phet in June 2010 with record-breaking rainfall of 372 mm and wind speeds of up to 75mbar.

The Gwadar lies opposite the estuary of the Persian Gulf from the Arabia. Gwadar's position and heritage have given it a distinctive mix of culture. Arab influences on Gwadar are strongly influenced by the Omani period and its closeness to the Arabia. Archives from the orginal on 11.05.2013.

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