Guide to Visiting Thailand

Travel Guide for Thailand

Whilst you can visit Thailand all year round, it may make sense to avoid the monsoon season if many of your holiday plans include sunbathing on exotic islands. If you plan to visit Thailand, remember that there are three seasons: Summer, winter and the rainy season. Monthly guide for visitors planning a trip to Thailand.

If you should come to Thailand: Instructions every single day

An important factor for many Thai visitors is the climate when they decide where and when they travel. In order to help you in planning your journey to Thailand, here is a monthly overview of the expected meteorological conditions in the various parts of the world, as well as information on upcoming activities and festivities.

Below are some of the month's best guidebooks to give you an overview of the overall forecast, but the forecast for a particular date or a particular period cannot be taken for granted. Rainfall can be unseasonable in the summers, as well as in the wet seasons when it does not rainstorm.

When you are looking for the best part of your stay in Thailand, it depends on what is most important to you on your itinerary. When you just want to lazy on the shore or just chill out by the swimming pools, the cold seasons (November-February) are perfec. It can be warm and humid in April, but also when you can enjoy one of the most fun parties in the whole wide globe when Thailand is celebrating the Thai New Year's Water Festival Songkran.

Do not forget to come during the wet seasons or the verdant seasons (June-October) when you can still see a lot of sun and sun. When you want to discover the landscape or Thailand away from the major tourism areas, the lush seasons can be a great period.

It is also financially advantageous to visit Thailand in the low seasons when prices for air travel and lodging can be lower. Please click on the link below for more information on each individual period. Weather at ?: When is the best period for a trip to Thailand?

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