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It' time to plan your Thailand adventures! Food based nutrition guidelines for Thai people. Nutritional guidelines for infants and young children in Thailand. The Board of Investment Guide contains important information about the Board of Investment and how it operates. Explore the best activities in Thailand.

Thailand differently with a personal guide

Nina and a rider drove us through Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and the surrounding areas. She was a pail of Thai power and excitement. She not only knew everything about Thailand, she was really excited about her land and her population. We had a rider in Nina's company who was sure and obliging.... and always prepared with a cool glass of hot tub after returning from one of the many amazing places we had been to.

For the first Elena in Thailand, she made my first trip so much more interesting and stress-free than if I had gone with a group or my own. Most of Bangkok's highlights were reported and we talked a lot about Thailand. And I was so moved that I put her on for two more nights. She' adapted the trip to my interests.

They have been very fast, friendly and professionally trained since I first came into contact with them. What I liked most was that I could design my own trip and decided what I wanted to do. It was a great concert and it was nice, funny and pro.

It was very well organized and took me quickly and seamlessly through Bangkok and explained the tales behind the most important heroes. In any case, I would definitely suggest you book a trip with YTG. I was astonished at my guide. Dr. Dew made me think I was going touring Bangkok with a mate. The one thing I liked best about this trip was that my guide was listening to what I wanted.

As soon as we got there, I said he wanted to see as much of Bangkok as possible. It made sure that I used all the means of transport that Bangkok had to provide and we ran a good twelve mile. It really feels like I'm seeing the best of what Bangkok had to show in a single year.

Very committed and authentic guide. We had a wonderful day with Elena and would book this again immediately. Subtitles canaux de Bangkok, nous avons visité un jardin de fleurs, le marché flottant et ensuite le palais royal, Wat Arun et le Bouddha couché.

A very good personal sight-seeing trip in Bangkok. There we could see a temple, take a Klong trip on a small ship and explore parts of the old city. Dew, our guide, was very well trained and looked after us the whole days. I think we really loved the trip with Dew!

Due to the professionality and knowledge of Guide Jean, we have reinstated him to give an introduction to a group of students in Bangkok. After hiring Jean to head a group in January 2015, we are planning to ask him to guide us again when we come back with a new group in January 2018.

Firstly, this is a very well organised and simple to use tourism enterprise. Elena, our guide, has shown us some of Bangkok's singular parts. With an abundance of historical and cultural background, she is unbelievably friendly and courteous.

Fuhrer, Oils was exactly what I needed for this journey. Oils was very obliging and able to respond to all of your queries - someone like me who knew very little about Thailand's civilization and ancestry. In my travel experiences I comprehend the meaning of the guide: So if that's a sensible hypothesis, it' s been a great piece of work and helped me to see Thai as a wealthy heritage of civilizations, histories and the most welcoming country I've ever been to.

What about Thai food? It was very professionally and knowledgeably, always on schedule. She knew a way to conserve money and money, and she made an additional thought to make me comfy anytime. I' d commend your firm to anyone who travels to Thailand. We had a great fucking Sabbath with Nina!

I found out that she has a candy, so next chocolate is definitely going to have dinner with Nina! I' had a great outing in Bangkok with Swai as my guide. While we were definitely "moving" in the town, I never felt rash or uneasy.

Recommand the whole adventure! Spending two nights with Nina - one in Bangkok and the other in Damnoen Saduak (totally transformed into a tourist fair, not too interesting except for the boating experiences themselves) and at the Maeklong Railway Marqqu.

She was great - alert, thoughtful, with such a good spirit, great with our children, full of information and handy hints (e.g. where to buy and where not to buy), and she helped us with everything we wanted, whether in the initial itinerary or not (e.g. when we went to the store or even to a few places where we could find certain things we were looking for).

She made the day really what it was - funny, interesting and at our own speed. And I suggest a tour with Nina. She is an extraordinary leader. We' re very lucky to have her for our Führer for two whole outings. I' ll strongly advise your services to your relatives and acquaintances who come to Bangkok.

We' had an awesome trip, tailor-made for us with a great guide called Oil. It would definitely be recommended to anyone who wants to have fun and be new! We had a wonderful and very interesting day with Elena. The day with Elena was perfect - merci !

Not only did olive tree guide us through the town, it also took us on a journey through Thai culture and tradition that we all dear. For a whole days we stayed between our wise use of the flight to Bangkok. With YTG's impeccable organisation, the cordial and cordial support of Elena, we really enjoy the temple visits, the cruise, the food and the Thai music.

There was also a courteous chauffeur who took us to and from the Aiport. YTG and Elena are highly recommended. In Bangkok the second stop and the second guided walk with Dew. Unfortunately, on this journey I got a vacation belly (yes, I go somewhere with it), but luckily I had Guide Dew the next ore.

She' a great guide and she rescued my vacation. She was a great guide! It was able to house everything I wanted to do in a hurry and knew exactly how we got where we wanted to go every second. He knows a great deal about the story of Thailand and Bangkok and was a nice guy to be with.

Thanks, Elena! A great trip, the best way to explore Bangkok, to see so many things in a little while, so it's great to have a guide! We had a lot of fun with Guide Elena. We had an excellent trip with the guide (Mrs. Elena). It was a versatile trip and we could see all the places we wanted to see before Elena proposed a great end to the days at Jim Thompson Hom.

She was very alert with my older mom, helped her up and down the stairs and always looked after her. I' ve been booking the night through Get Your Guide. I' ve reserved four month in advanced for my journey to Thailand. Swai met me at my Bangkok resort on April 25th and we briefly talked about the schedule of the evening.

Afterwards, we discovered Bangkok by means of local transportation. Swai and I had a great and fun days, he told me a great deal and we had a great one. In any case I can definitely advise this personal trip in Bangkok, especially with Swai! It was punctually at the hotel and declared us exactly the program, we were also allowed to make changes and express wishes at anyýtime.

She was perfectly organized and informed, we learned a lot about Bangkok and Thailand. Élena était éxtrêmement amicale et serviable et nous a donné une belle journée à Bangkok.

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