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Myanmar Mobile Legends Guide. You can download the free market leader from NZTE today. Informations for our member organisation in Myanmar She quit the Union of Burma in 1962. Even though the former administration did abolish snowboarding, girl guiding was never abandoned, but the guided activity was discontinued around 1962-1963. Approximately 50 years later, in December 2012, YMCA Myanmar invited the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee with the support of Girl Scouts of Japan (GSJ) to engage in discussions with Myanmar's Ministry of Education on the resumption of female scout schooling.

Myanmar Girl Guides participated in the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Tokyo, Japan in 2013 and Myanmar Girl Guides (MMGG) was honored with the Certificate of Country Working Towards (CWTM).

ahla day - business

I' m hearing from so many travellers to Myanmar who want to make sure their funds go to the public, not to the authorities or to Croonie. Myanmar has seen a big booming period of imaginative socially responsible companies in recent years, and I wanted to shed some kind of visible light on them.

This is how the BC Centre for Solidarity Centre describes it: Socially-minded companies are income-generating companies with a turn. Be it run by a non-profit organisation or a profit-oriented business, a socially responsible business has two goals: to generate socially, culturally, economically and/or ecologically beneficial results and to generate income. When you look at the big picture, many companies look, touch and even work like old-fashioned companies.

However, if you take a closer look, you discover the distinctive features of the socially responsible enterprise: the company's core activity is its missions, with the creation of incomes being an important support factor (from The Center for Community Enterprise). Dan and Audrey, my buddies, have made a major contribution on the use of ES to enhance your journey if you want to go underwater.

I will focus on Myanmar's socially responsible companies targeting tourism and expatriates. Working with Myanmar craftsmen, underprivileged groups and small companies, Hla Day designs, develops and sells high qualitiy handcrafted goods with a modern touch. At every stage, the Hla Day staff works with community groups to help them come up with product idea, help with education and designing, and pay a fair salary.

Its aim is to help the livelihood of its manufacturers, many of whom are fighting to eradicate handicaps, marginalisation and livelihood deprivation. The Hla Day aim is to capturing the one-of-a-kind flavours of Myanmar style by procuring all local supplies and celebrate local craftsmanship that enables both clients and manufacturers to experience and profit from Myanmar's unparalleled craftsmanship of the highest standard.

Payments in Myanmar Kyat, US dollars and major currencies approved. Pomelo is one of the first in the match, very similar to Hla Day (in fact, they were once one in the same.....) and with many of the same wares. A second Fairtrade store that offers modern, handmade Myanmar styled goods. Payments in Myanmar Kyat, US dollars and major currencies approved.

Pann Nann Ein, one of my favourite Myanmar manufacturers, helps people with handicaps while increasing people' s consciousness of disadvantaged people, which includes handicaps, intellectual impairment, intellectual impairment, study difficulties and dyspeach. Hand-made maps, greeting card and magazines by Pann Nann Ein. Among the items are really awesome drop cut maps made of long yarns, one-of-a-kind greeting card and other fabric-based items such as pockets, magazines, books and photo borders.

Pann Nann Ein until recently was only selling his goods in shops like Hla Day, Pomelo and similar, but since June 2017 he has opened his own show room in Yangon city centre. We work with experienced craftsmen alongside former homeless children to help them learn the restoration of old pieces of woodwork for which Myanmar is known.

FXB Myanmar scarfs in their Yangon store. The FXB has a show room with handicraft workers who have completed the FXB Certificate Programme. The range includes scarfs, cushions, clothes, games and even small pieces of work. Its education programmes are aimed at creating better employment in the tourist sector as the state opens up.

Concealed on the first level of a side road in the centre of Yangon, LinkAge provides cookery and services education for Yangon's homeless people. There is also a delicious Myanmar/Chinese merger meal for you. Your education is a 10-month programme that consists of 3 Month theoretical and 7 Mo on-the-job class.

A hotspot for travellers to Myanmar, Bagan also has some great ways for you to ensure that your tourist dollar will make a sustainable difference on the properties and dining that you will be visiting during your sojourn. For more information on how to plan, see my Bagan travel guide. Backed by Action Aid (a leading organisation for the fight against poverty), its Myanmar community is founded on the support of local communities in the "dry zone", where the shortage of human resources is a serious problem.

Her Craft Producer Network concentrates on learning and teaching and even offers daily supervision and a scholarship once a month when they are at work. Once they are done, they are invited to form and join support groups for women to teach them fundamental legal skills such as accounting. Payments in Myanmar Kyat, US dollars and major currencies approved.

They are smaller than the home business, they still have many interesting cards, chopping board, pockets, baskets and more from many other good community businesses in the state. Payments in Myanmar Kyat, US dollars and major currencies approved. It is a vocational education centre that offers underprivileged young people from the area the chance to take a year of lessons and other forms of assistance and then find a position in the industrial sector.

When you' ve had enough of Myanmar's veal honey, you can also try the tilapia fillet on roasted leeks & apples with pickled lime, caper and anchovy butter. The improvement of their livelihood through integrative travel is the key to the UKAID award-winning Three Treasures Bagan. Ian and Thandar and their teams want to transform the dynamics of the local/foreign population by providing an atmosphere in which visitors can exchange and study with and benefit from the community, which includes them.

Three Treasures is an off-shot of the Swiss NGO Myanmar SEEDS and provides practical training in the use of natural resources such as natural resources, photography, meditation and even all-day romance trips. Begun by a souvenir guide and a former member of SPRUING SEEDS, Clover S. E. Gift Store is a small store just down the road selling handicraft from various manufacturers and welfare companies (such as Pann Nann Ein).

Situated on the outside of the Kalaw Market, this small store sells a small range of clothing, handmade stationery and pearls. Whispering Seed has been working on a number of Myanmar based missions for many years. It concentrates its assistance on orphaned children and other underprivileged young people, provides a secure home, vocational education and help to set up its own business.

This city, known for its caverns, also has a new community business in the city. A nonprofit organization that has taught village people in southern Shan State the value of honeybees and apiculture as hives in the western world are collapsing. These include tuition, trainings and supports. Travellers who come by can buy Plan beer honeys in their small store, as well as other waxes (!).

In some Myanmar hypermarkets, if you can't make it to Pindaya, you should be able to find some plan-honeys. There is a corporate community just around the corner at the gate to an area called Inle-See. That is good tidings for travellers who want to come to the pond for a few nights and take something really unique home with them.

Now, when some socially responsible companies are appearing. The brandnew location in Hpa-An is the first community service of the Tounge La' Yat Education Gathering Group (EGG), a Karen State group. The small café by the lakeside offers a selection of Genius Coffee from Shan State, a variety of tea, juice and a long salad selection from Myanmar.

For most travellers, Lashio is off the tourist track to Myanmar, but this northern Shan state capitol has ample room for growing with scenic beauty and famous marketplaces with a strong China taste. When you' re looking for side-road motorbike tours, waterfalls diving at nearby swimtholes, walking and host families in places with little international travel, Byron and his Myanmar Adventure Outfitters in Lashio might be just what you're looking for.

He is hoping that by educating community leaders and making the community's indigenous peoples part of the trial, this will result in more regional growth.

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