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Burma gigs, Myanmar gigs, Club Nights, theater and more. Driver and driver of rental vehicles expect a tip. I' ve written the Myanmar Investment Guide to introduce new investors to Myanmar's dynamic business environment.

Guided Walking in Myanmar - Travel enquiry for Myanmar

"I would like to hike and gain some outside of Bagan. I can probably find my way around Yangon, but in Bagan and possibly Mandalay I would like a personal tour leader for a few nights. Myanmar based expert traveller was assisted by Mr Lin Tun, a Myanmar-based traveler.

Contact a travel planning expert on site. Travellers have finished their journey! I am Wai Lin, a Myanmar travel expert located in Yangon. I have noticed well that you would like to organize an 8-day journey here in Myanmar from 6 February to 13 February and that you have booked 2 overnight stays in Yangon, 3 overnight stays in Bagan and 2 overnight stays in Mandalay.

I' ll send you a suggestion for your journey as an attachment. This is a single traveler and does not include lodging during the entire journey. It does, however, include transportation, acitivities as already stated, hiking in the area of Mount Popa and English language guides. I' ve also taken some additional optionals such as a ballooning in Bagan for the Dawn Guard and a half-day cycling excursion between the Bagan temple together with the additions.

FYI, the routes in Bagan are very narrow, as the area is both centrally located and very shallow. Mount Popa, 1 hour away from Bagan, is the only proper trekking/hiking area. The trek on Mount Popa is already part of the itinerary.

A week in Myanmar: Guide with tips & cost

Traveling to Myanmar has never been more safe, comfortable and open - it has opened up to international travelers in recent years, and many travel to this enticing country for its scenic lagoons, sanctuaries and seas. Myanmar is currently in a transitional phase to evolve after centuries of tough war.

The article is a partial itinerary, a partial itinerary to help those who are interested in a journey to Myanmar. We' ve paid a $950 per head for a week's journey to Myanmar (Yangon-Bagan-Inle Lake-Yangon) including all expenses, accommodations and airfare. Whilst some of you may shy away from the high prices, you must realize that this is already much less expensive than tour operators (they are costing at least $1600 without spending!) and Myanmar charges a great deal of tourism taxes that go to the state.

Burma demands a visa from all travelers, even members of ASEAN countries such as Singapore. In order to apply for a visa, you must go to this website and make an appointments for visa handling and pickup. In the mornings between 8.30 and 12.00 and in the afternoons between 16.30 and 17.30 you will pick up your enquiry at the Swiss Federalassy.

These visas allow you to remain in Myanmar for 28 additional 14 additional nights. As of December 1, 2016, Singaporeans traveling to Myanmar for less than 30 day breaks will no longer be required to obtain a Singapore travel permit. The flight from Singapore to Myanmar should be simple, as many carriers (including low-cost carriers such as Jetstar) fly to the Yangon.

For about S$250 per passenger we flown Jetstar for one day trip - the trip takes 3 hrs and Myanmar has a 1.5 hour gap behind Singapore, so you only loose 1.5h. As Myanmar became an ever more attractive travel spot, rooms filled up very quickly in the past.

You can fly from place to place in Myanmar by air, rail or coach. In order to avoid an additional day and an in-house trip from Yangon to Bagan, we took an airport shuttle with Joyous Journey (JJ) Express, which provides private seats (i.e. legrests, blankets, food) for 19 US$ per passenger.

It is an eight-hour drive on the motorway, which leaves Yangon at 8pm and reaches Bagan at 5am, just in front of sundown. P.S. The trip by coach is moderate comfort and saf. Nevertheless, for 19 US dollars it is a theft in comparison to 90 US dollars for a single plane, not to mention the hospitality.

Myanmar's temperature is extreme with over 40'C in Yangon during the year. You should select your travel time carefully, because towards the end and beginning of the year it is usually much colder. Though the searing heat may seem like a curse to the journey, the air moisture is lower than in Singapore.

You will need to take along lightweight, breezy clothes during the summers and long trousers/jeans to protect your knee when visiting a pagoda or temple during your stay. Jackets are suggested for night busses, airplanes and an early bird's eye view of Lake Inle. Burma is accepting US dollars (US$) in large hotel rooms or Kyat (K, spoken as'jiat') in its day-to-day expenses.

Modify an appropriate amount of Kyat for your everyday expenses such as drinking bottles and eating. US Dollar are generally acceptable for entrance fee to the pagoda and temple. Are Myanmar secure? Myanmar is generally secure - enough to walk in the darkness at daytime, not to be mugged during the nights and secure enough from catastrophes.

It is not drinkable and it is advisable to always take a bottle of filled drinking swill. You will find fountains in pagoda and temple that offer treated waters through RO, similar to NEWater. You are sure to be drinking, but if you want to dump cash for bottled waters (250-400K for 1L) for a peaceful minds, that's mint also.

It is not drinkable and it is advisable to always take a bottle of filled drinking swill. You will find fountains in pagoda and temple gardens that offer treated waters through RO, similar to NEWater. You are sure to be drinking, but if you want to dump cash for bottled waters (250-400K for 1L) for a peaceful minds, that's mint also.

Wikitravel, Lonely Planet travel guides and TripAdvisor are useful sources for your itinerary. Upon arriving at Yangon International Airport we took a one hours taxi to the town. We ordered our first Yangonese food for about 50 US$ from Shan Yoe Yar. It is not the largest or greatest Yangon pit, but it is still a beautiful view!

The weather is high 36-40'C in the afternoons, so it is advisable to take plenty of fresh swill. Whilst the vast majority of Burma is Buddhist, there is a great Buddhist temple in the centre of Yangon. Myanmar Times HQ, the community paper, across from the school. We had our first sleep in an air-conditioned luxury sleeping car when the nights coach left for Bagan.

Snack ( "two rolls") and a glass of bottled sparkling wine were offered to us. This is our second service area, around 2:00 a.m. At 5am we reached the Bagan central station and arranged a cab trip to our hotels to check in our baggage and capture the sundown.

Roughly recommended price is a taxi hire for the whole night 35.000K. Bagan entrance fees are 25,000K on your check-in where you will be given a pass to enter the raft. It is the Shwesandaw Puagoda, one of the most beloved sunrises and sunsets in Bagan. Capture the early dawn with little rest.

Please be aware that the ascent is very rapid and demands some efforts, so those with low knee strength want to prevent it. We drove back to our Zfreeti in Nyaung Oo, the area for cheap accommodation and dining, after dawn. Or you can stay in luxurious Old Bagan which is closer to the Pagoda, but there may be less to do.

It is gigantic, and it is mainly split into three parts - perhaps more - but for better comprehension it is them: New Bagan and Nyaung Oo. It is a great bike for a great ride - don't you have to be afraid, it's very secure and the streets are broad. This is our first dinner in Bagan.

In the afternoon we went to explore more couples around Bagan. There are more than 2000 Bagan Peagodas, and you would probably not be visiting more than 20. Some of the most beloved monasteries are visited on the first one ( "if you spend two nights here"), the smaller ones on the second one, if you have a good feeling for what you can find here.

When you use Google Maps, you can see the name of the temples on the maps, and they are usually the larger ones. The Ananda Pagoda from a distance, my favorite and in my mind the most wonderful place in Bagan. Come and see this place in the evenings! Since the number of places to eat can be counted by handwritten, we had dinner in the Weather Spoon - one of my favorite places in Bagan.

The last stop of the tour - the Shwezigon Lagoon at the north end of Bagan. The third outing began with a visit to the Shwezigon Islands before we visited the other nearby waters. It has been advised to circumnavigate Bagan in a bend from Nyaung Oo to Old Bagan and then to New Bagan before returning.

It takes about 4 km or 20 min. to drive from Nyaung Oo to Old Bagan. It is best to go to the pagoda early in the day and in the evening when the day is not b*tch. Be wise in planning your stay, visiting important places at appropriate hours and drinking lots of fresh air.

Also around the different coupons there are toppings. The Bagan is a huge play area with a lot to discover. Afterwards you can go off-road, walk behind a pagoda, walk along the riverbank and much more. When you feel like adventure, you can go to the lower half of Bagan, where it is less researched and less overcrowded.

Since I was out with my mother, I didn't risk much. During the two day in Bagan it was mainly a great deal of jumping along the couch, going on glowing floors and sweaty cans. In Bagan I suggest a two day limit to take full advantage of the 25.000K entry fees, everything else is probably the fact that you really do like a couple of coup.

Early mornings drive to the Bagan International Airports (6,000 km from the hotel). If you fly with a national airline, you need to make sure your trip is on time on a regular basis - especially the next working days! The Myanmar carriers are known for rescheduling regular services, so if you don't want to miss your (only) trip, be careful enough.

With only eight more people to Heho (with five people on the way to another airfield - only three of us are left! I would say that it is quite secure to travel with local carriers, despite Myanmar's bad security track records. Arrival at Heho after only 30 min. flying only.

Also there is an entry charge of 12.500K per passenger, half of the Bagan cost has to be payed on your day of arriving. Visiting the village fair in the evening. We are back in the city, opposite the big grocery store, where we stock up with cracker and scullery. It is possible to fish in the early mornings.

The temperature can be extreme in the mornings - especially when the winds blow against you. The second biggest in Myanmar, Inle is 116km2. They may be taken to a workshop such as a workshop, but we have overlooked them. Later in the day we took a cab to Heho International Heho Airfield (15.000K) and drove to Yangon.

Our long return to Yangon was generally fuller this year - and that's really soothing. Yangon first dish - Shan pasta with pig chops in the 999 Shan Noodle Shop. Put in your chili and you get a hit and win combo so good that we came back for another round the next mornings.

After check-in at our hotel we visited the powerful Shwedagon pit (US$8 per entry) in the afternoons. It is the largest in Yangon, it is 99m high and you will see it from a distance, especially on the way to the airfield and back. It is the holiest place in the land, and I believe it is visited by literally a thousand Buddhists every day for their pilgrimages.

One of my most unforgettable journeys so far was to spend a weekend in Myanmar - one of the least advanced countries in SEA. Burma has some of the best in South East Asia in regards to places of interest, restaurants and places of interest.

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