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The Forgein tour operators are doing without local guides, and some in the Myanmar tourist community are calling for restrictions. By far the most popular attraction in Myanmar / Burma. Yunnan (Ruili), although a permit (as well as a visa) and a guide are required. Department of National Planning and Economy. Concerts and live music in Myanmar:

Guide to Myanmar, an absolute necessity? - The Burmese Forum

Myanmar tourist guides, essential? I' m going to see Yangon - Mandalay - Bagan - Kalaw - Pindaya - Inle this July. Does anyone know if it is necessary to get a guidebook to see one of these places? Myanmar tourist guides, essential? Myanmar tourist guides, essential?

It is more fun to explore a place without a tourist leader. Guidebook in Myanmar, essential? as above.... no. You don't need a guidebook in one of these places..... in some cases it can be more worthwhile to have a copy of a travel book. Myanmar travel guides, essential?

Guidebook for cheap travellers, not necessarily a traveler' s book. Guidebook au Myanmar, absolut notwendig ? ha ha ha ha ha ha..................c'on guys.....avec ou sans guidances est une préférence personnelle. The ones who showed DENIAL to the guides...just remember....TOUR GLUIDES CAN BRIING THE INTO LIFE AND PERSONALITY...OK? otherwise you can go, see, drive alone.

However, the real poster....whether you need a guidebook or not is your decision...please be aware that the tourist manager can help you to find out the problems you can never think of..... Myanmar tourist guidebook, essential? CP - the issue was a "guide strictly necessary". IU. NEED a guide....the response to this is I said, engaging a native guidebook here and there can enhance the experience...but some folks have the feeling that you need a guidebook to get around Myanmar...of course, since most of the native placards on here are guidebook many would be pleased if folks think so.

Myanmar travel guides, essential? However, we must support the fundamental concept of needing a tourist leader in BURMA. Myanmar travel guides, essential? Myanmar travel guides, essential? Now, with a souvenir shop on hand, the journey becomes more worthwhile and the tourist has more insight into the sights or above all know what really about the sights, story or civilization or whatever they want to find out.

We all know Myanmar better, but the best thing to ask yourself is the first. It' s okay to be traveling independently, but without a guide'sometimes' it would be like a Myanmar subtitled film subtitled by a Myanmar specialist who is not myan! On-the-ground leaders, an absolute necessity? Myanmar tourist guidebook, essential?

" WHY? Sorry, I think a leader will separate you from your journeys and isolate you from the world.

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