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The Forgein tour operators are doing without local guides, and some in the Myanmar tourist community are calling for restrictions. By far the most popular attraction in Myanmar / Burma. Yunnan (Ruili), although a permit (as well as a visa) and a guide are required. Department of National Planning and Economy. Concerts and live music in Myanmar:

Myanmar's Best Travel Guidebook - Review of Sagacious Myanmar Travel & Tours, Mandalay, Myanmar

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She quit the Union of Burma in 1962. Even though the former administration did abolish snowboarding, girl guiding was never abandoned, but the guided activity was discontinued around 1962-1963. Approximately 50 years later, in December 2012, YMCA Myanmar invited the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee with the support of Girl Scouts of Japan (GSJ) to engage in discussions with Myanmar's Ministry of Education on the resumption of female scout schooling.

Myanmar Girl Guides participated in the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Tokyo, Japan in 2013 and Myanmar Girl Guides (MMGG) was honored with the Certificate of Country Working Towards (CWTM).

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