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For Myanmar, all guides require a license from the local authority or a government official (Ministry of Hotel and Tourism). "I'd like to hike and gain some experience outside Bagan. We have very useful investment guides for all types of investors who are interested in investing in the recently opened Myanmar border. Fisherman at Inle Lake in Myanmar. You can plan an individual trip by putting together a itinerary or sending a request.

Myanmar Your Regional Agency

It' important to have a personal guide in Myanmar, as the native riders do not know French and do not speaking very good English. We' re very ambitious in the selection of our guests. They are not only leaders who deal with logistic and organisational issues, but they are real messengers of their state.

Ensure that they have a good tourist background, good communications and management qualities and language proficiency. They' give you in-depth information about the land and the places, practices and traditions of the local populace... Passion for local communities, they enjoy sharing their insight and thrill.

In Myanmar we choose our travel leaders according to the following criteria: Education: You have an Abitur (School of Tourism, Foreign Languages School...) and a licence from the Ministry of Tourism of Burma. A good understanding of the land and Burma's cultural heritage, tradition and practices.

You will be guided by our guide to places of myth that you would not otherwise see and make sure you have contact with the people. Multilingualism such as English and German. Sound experience: Regardless of their ages, they must have several years of track work. High social competence: We attach great importance to this criteria.

They are very open, happy, discrete, helpful and always willing to help. You will find some of our tours here:

Ministries Train More Tourist Guide

MOHT (Ministry of Hotel and Tourism) announces that to date a grand total of 5,419 guide licenses have been in use. The MOHT Director U Myo Win Nyunt said: "There is no limit to the number of driving licenses that can be granted in one year. The guide is subdivided into phrase books and local and international guide books.

There are currently 2,478 English speakers, 388 Japanese speakers, 296 French speakers, 282 German speakers, 136 Chinese speakers, 152 Thai speakers, 111 Spanish speakers, 72 Russian speakers, 68 Italians and 30 Korean speakers in Myanmar. Myanmar had over 1,800 tour operators with 3,776 published textbooks plus 1,070 local books last year, but now there are 4,014 published books and 1,405 local books.

Now the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism has prepared a new tourism act which will come into effect when the new wording is adopted by the European Commission. Once this Act enters into effect, all questions relating to phrasebook will also be dealt with in accordance with the terms of this Act.

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