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Burmese Guesthouses

Make yourself at home in Yangon, check the availability of rooms at the Mini Platinum Guest House and book directly with the host. Burma Camp Guesthouses. Accommodation in friendly guesthouses at reasonable prices. Accommodation price list for hotels in Myanmar Burma. The Agga Guesthouse in Yangon (Myanmar) is an ideal accommodation for backpackers and price-conscious travellers looking for the best value for money.

Myanmar hotels and guesthouses

In most Myanmar owned guesthouses and guesthouses you will find your own bed and breakfasts. Myanmar is usually more pricey than other Southeast Asian states! The majority of Myanmar banks do not currently take payment via plastic card, even if they do, it will be prohibitively high.

We recommend making your reservation for your Myanmar accommodation on-line. If you are going to make an on-line reservation for your Myanmar accommodation, you will surely get a room because you have a coupon for your reservation. Agenda (over 700 Myanmar hotels) and (over 500 Myanmar hotels) are currently the best sites to make your Myanmar accommodation bookings from.

Recently registered pages such as HostelWorld, Airbnb or Expedia currently lists a restricted number of properties. From $10 a day per capita for a dorm to $40 a day for a room. From $40 a nights to $120 a nights.

The majority of Myanmar's properties are middle class and amenities differ by room/plan. Prices from $120 per room to $400 per room in the top tourist resorts in major tourist towns, where you will experience the true breeze of class and luxurious. - Guesthouses Burma Camp. Cosy, welcoming lodging with breakfasts. Myanmar camp.

Myanmar Camp Guesthouse (B&B) usually has a smaller size (up to 10 rooms) with fewer additional amenities than a hotel. Guesthouses in Burma Camp, on the other side, usually offer a cosier and more familiar ambience with the possibility for breakfasts. Guesthouses are often less expensive than guesthouses.

In Accra, Everland 1 provides climate-controlled lodging with patio and free WiFi. It is 2.5 km from the Ghana Free Zone and 3.1 km from the US Embassy. Ratings and ratings ( 14×): Bed and Breakfast Chez Delphy is in Accra. WiFi is available free of charge.

Crystal Villa II has an open-air swimming-pool and is located in the cantons of Accra, 200 meters from the British High Commission. WiFi is available free of charge throughout the area. Ratings and ratings ( 82×): Feehi's Place is located in Accra, 200 meters from the Koala Mall.

An embassy is 500 meters from the site. 400 meters from Trust Hospital in Accra, ASF Osu offers free WiFi and free residential carpark. Each room in this guesthouse is air-conditioned and equipped with a TV. Ratings and ratings ( 151×): The hostel and suite is located in Accra, 2.3 km from Independence Square.

Home Boutique B&B Hostel and Suite has free WiFi throughout the area. Ratings and ratings ( < 5x): The East Airport Guest House is located in Accra, 3.4 km from East Legon. Ratings and ratings ( 8×): The East Legon Guest Lodge is 15 minutes by car from the center of Accra and 10 minutes by car from Accra Airport.

In Accra, 1.4 km from the Embassy of Angola and 1.4 km from the Embassy of S.L., Villa Vista provides free WiFi, AC and A/C. The villa is located in the heart of the city. It is 1.5 km from the Nigerian High Commission. Ratings and ratings ( 17×): Benconi Lodge is located in Accra, 700 metres from Flower Pot Junction, with air-conditioned rooms and free carpark.

In Accra, 700 meters from the S.L. Embassy, the New Beijing Guest House offers lodging with gardens and restaurant. Approximately 700 meters from the Angolan Embassy, the estate is also located near the Accra Polo Club. Ratings ( 10×): 8 km from Independence Square, Palisades Guest House is located in Accra and has air-conditioned rooms.

Approximately 16 minutes on foot from the Accra Mall, the estate is also located near the Marina Mall. In Accra, 4.4 km from East Legon and 5 km from the Accra Polo Club, Golden Gate Estates self-service suites offer lodging with a gym and free WiFi throughout the area. Vip Pickup 5 km, the estate is also 5 km from the Embassy of Angola.

Ratings and ratings ( < 5x): Villa Olive is situated in East Legon, 1.6 km from the A&C Mall and 3.5 km from the Accra Mall and provides free WiFi. This lodging has a view of the gardens and a terrace. Ratings and ratings ( < 5x): The City Hideout is situated in Accra, in the greater Accra area, 6 km from Independence Square.

The plot is 6 km from Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. In Adentan, the Mikado Guest House has a private gardens and a pub. Ratings and ratings ( 133×): The Omanye Lodge is situated in Dzorwulu. It is 10 minutes by car from the center of Accra.

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