Guest House in Yangon Downtown

Yangon Downtown Guest House

Superb guesthouse centrally located in downtown Yangon. One of the things I loved was being able to go to the main China City Street Market to check out local goods/products/restaurants. It' s a great location, right in the heart of the city centre near the Sule Pagoda. The Yangon Heart Guest House in downtown Yangon, Myanmar: The hotel is located in downtown Yangon, just steps from the Central Business District and Yangon City Hall.

Superbly welcoming guest house in the centre of Yangon - review of Mother Land Inn 2, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It' s been great to have a room in this cosy place with very kind, thoughtful staff. It' s just outside the center of Yangon, still within walk of it. They were great, I thought the bars were great all over Myanmar, everywhere I was. Thanks for your decision to stay at our guesthouse and for taking the liberty to send us a feedback!

We' re happy that you enjoy your accommodation and our services... Our aim is to offer you a truly unforgettable stay and we are delighted that we have exceeded your expectation. In the near distant past, we look forward to seeing you again in our hotels.

Best guest house in Yangon! - Background view of Cherry Guest House, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It' s a great place, right in the centre of the city near the Sule Pagoda. I' m telling a one-bedroom is $25 (average for Yangon). I' ve been billed a little less, probably because of the low rate and two nights' accommodation. The reception employees speak English fluently. I got a cab to the airfield for a good fare, 6000 Kyat, and they traded the rest of my Kyat for Dollar.

This is a true haven after a stay in some rather patchy places in Myanmar.

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Myanmar's Most Friendly Guest House - Review of Downtown Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon) on Fifteenth Street

Me and my pardner spent three night on downtown Yangon's Fifteenth Street. A selection of toasts ( "Skippy" with your own selection of groundnut butters, Nutella and jam) and balls, shan pasta or shanga with cup of cup of coffee/stea is available every mornings. Refilling of coffe, tee or notast is possible.

Free-of-charge coffees, Lipton teas and teas all the time. In fact, the breastmilk that came with the cup of chocolate was even eaten warm and it is simply very attentive because not many places are serving their malt. The room was daily clean; hand cloths, toilet articles and bottled waters are provided (free refilling at the tap is possible).

Warm showers available. Servicing; outstanding services from all employees. The staff speak English (the 2 receptionists speak relatively good English), which is an astonishing thing. Offers good information about Yangon whenever needed and even a hard copy of the card for our use. They kept them in the refrigerator and even sliced them and even offered them to us on request.

Clearly a 5-star-workshop. All in all a really very good place to be. I would definitely be back here if I ever came back to Yangon.

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