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Booking Guest Care Hotel, Yangon Region on TripAdvisor: Receive the best deals for the Guest Care Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon) on The Guest Care Hotel has been awarded the "Europe Award for Quality" and offers accommodation ranging from spacious single rooms to beautifully furnished suites with descriptions. The Guest Care Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon) image: Kamayut Township, Bahan P.O.

, Yangon, Myanmar.

Not much (but good enough) - Review of Guest Care Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Ok furnishings, bedding seem tight and tidy, bathroom definitely from a regular room and very powerful odor of pet urine through the windows. So we talked to the girls at the front desk and said that we would only be staying 3 days for a much lower rate. So we went to the Asian Plaza Hotel, also overlooking the pagoda, for $30.

It'?s no big deal, but the cost is right.

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The Corolla has free WiFi throughout the grounds and provides lodging in Yangon. Our clients can taste the food in the restaurants. They were very obliging and supportive, the restaurateurs could not do enough to make us familiar with their menu. Taxi's are low priced, but turn right and turn right. It' essentially a locals' hostel where they can take their friends.

Regarding breakfasts no good value for the price, some employees unkind to the clients. old and not kind, but that I think the town is considered not to reprimand resort. great situation and cute people. while I do not suggest it, I think it is the same in most surrounding resorts. Asiatic Smile is situated in Yangon, only 15 minutes by car from Thuwanna YTC Stadium and Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda.

Booking your accommodation at the Eden Palace Hotel Yangon and plan your visit to Yangon and don't forget to visit the Sushi Myanmar Restaurant,

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