Translated from Ottoman Turkish ???? (gümü?

), from proto-Turkish *kümü? ~ *gümü? ("silver"). kocas?'ten Gümü? veda!Kendi böbre?ini vererek kocas? Mehmet'i hayata döndüren muhte?em'ün bekledi?i mucize gerçekle?ir.

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Suds Ser became a popular cultural phenomena when it was synchronized in Arabian and broadcast in the Arabian realm as Noor. It was broadcasted in Lebanon under the name " Noor " on Al Jadeed. It was broadcast in Iran under the heading Only (Brightness). It was broadcast in Pakistan under the headline Noor on Geo Kahani.

It was broadcasted in Romania under the name Iubire de Argint (Love of Silver) on Channel D Romania. It was broadcasted in Bulgaria under the name ????? (Pearl) on a TV channel. It was broadcasted in Greece under the name A??????? ???????? (Silver Moons) on Makedonia TV and ANT1.

It was broadcasted in Albania under the name Gymysh on TV Klan. It was broadcasted in Kosovo under the name Gymysh on RTV21. It was broadcasted in Serbia under the headline Gumu? on Prva. Gumu? was broadcast in Montenegro on TV Vijesti.

It was broadcasted in Macedonia under the name ????? on Sitel. It was broadcasted in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the name Gumu? on Televizija OBN. It was broadcasted in Croatia under the name Gumu? on Nova TV. It was broadcasted in Slovenia under the name Biser (Pearl) on POP TV.

It was broadcasted in Hungary under the heading Igazgöngy on Viasat 3, in Latvia under the name Gumu?as St?sts on LNT. Also in Bulgaria Gümü? is very much liked and each set is seen by at least 2 million spectators. Due to his great success Songül Öden came to Bulgaria and was a regular appearer on the TV shows "Dancing Star 2" and "Slavi Show".

In 2011 she attended the Kënga Magjike in Albania. It' s above the Pakistan iverages and was broadcasted on Geo Tv, but it was transmitted to Geo Kahani in Pakistan. It was also a favourite in Macedonia. The Gumus was one of the first shows to be shown in Macedonia, and now the appeal of Turkey's shows in Macedonia is grow.

The last installment of the show brings the period forward to 14 years and the public sees that everyone has become an adult and leads a happier one. In her journals Gümü? writes about the events of the last 13 years and shows us how all personalities have been raised and transformed, even their actual pregnancies.

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