Gubyaukgyi Temple

Temple of Gubyaukgyi

That is not, let me say, the temple of the first category that you will visit, since it is not so large and famous. The Gubyaukgyi Temple is a Buddhist temple in the village of Myinkaba, south of Bagan. The temple of Gubyaukgyi was built by Prince Yazakumar, son of King Kyanzittha. Many slaves from three villages were used to build this temple. The Gubyaukgyi Temple is located in Myinkaba, north of Bagan.

Wetkyi-in Bagan Gubyaukgyi Temple

Temple of Gubyaukgyi near Wetkyi-in town northeast of ancient Bagan was founded by King Kyanzittha in the early twelfth cen. Under his rule, the kingdom experienced wealth and the building of large churches such as the Ananda and the Myazediagoda. Mahabodhi's architectural style shows Hindu influences, especially the tower, which is similar to that of another temple in Bagan, the Mahabodhi.

They are both founded on the Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya in India, the place where the Buddha achieved illumination about 2,500 years ago. Goopyaukgyi is a temple of a cavern; the first word of the temple name ("gu") means "cave". On the inside of the church and on the ceiling are painted remnants of old murals depicting Jataka storytelling, the histories of the former life of Buddha.

A vestibule with the entry to the temple projects out of the building. Part of the delicate stuccowork is still preserved, especially on the east face and the front door. There is a tip on the Gubyaukgyi temple. Contrary to most hangers and couch potatoes in Bagan, its shape is not bell-shaped or circular; its four sides are flat and decreasingly large at the top.

Indoors, the temple is illuminated by natural light that shines through large pierced rock window. In the first room of the east doorway is a large Buddha picture sitting on a high plinth. This bricked, rendered picture is in the position of "Calling the Earth to witness". Behind the picture the walls and the ceilings above contain well-preserved mural paintings with Buddhistic representations.

Other rooms contain smaller pictures of the Buddha. At the north and southwest walls of Gubyaukgyi are mural paintings representing the 28 Buddhas named in Tripitaka, the old Buddhist scripts containing the Buddha's teaching. Taking pictures in the temple is not permitted, as the flashing lights would harm the old mural.

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