Guatemala Nationality

A Guatemalan nationality

Guatemalan nationality facts and statistics. CIVILITY: Citizenship laws are based on the Constitution of Guatemala. BIRTH BY: Child born on the territory of Guatemala, regardless of parental nationality, including birth on a Guatemalan ship or plane. A child born abroad of which at least one parent is a citizen of Guatemala. Though Guatemala is a Central American country with a very low cost of living.

People of Guatemala - Population, Nationality and Religion

Nationality: Inhabitants (2002 est.): 11.5 million. Average yearly increase in population: 2.6%. Mestizos (mixed Spanish-Indian), native. Perto-Catholic, progressive, traditional Maya. Spoken languages: Hispanic, 24 native tongues (mainly Kiche, Kaqchikel, Q'eqchi and Mam). Labour forces (50% of the workforce is employed in some way in the agricultural sector, often at the minimum cost of living outside the monetary economy): services - 40%; trade and industrial - 37%; farming - 15%; building, quarrying, utilities - 4%.

Guatemala More than half of the Guatemalan tribe are descendents of tribal Maya tribes. Western Mayas and mestizo (mixed europe and indígenous descent) are called Ladinos. The majority of Guatemala's populace is predominantly peasant, but urbanisation is increasing. Roman Catholicism, in which many Guatemalan Indians have integrated classical ways of worshipping, is the dominant one.

The Protestant and Maya traditions are practised by an estimation of 40% and 1% of the people. Although the native people do not generally understand the formal lingua franca of Spain. Nonetheless, the December 1996 agreements include the provision for the translations of some formal and electoral documentation into several tribal tongues (see Abstract of the most important material agreements).

CIVILITY: Nationality legislation is governed by the Constitution of Guatemala.

CIVILITY: Nationality legislation is governed by the Constitution of Guatemala. children's birth: children from Guatemala, regardless of their parents' nationality, whether on a Guatemalan boat or airplane. Childbirth abroad of which at least one parent is a Guatemalan national. NATURALIZATION: Guatemalan nationality can be obtained by fulfilling the following conditions:

The individual has waived his or her former nationality. Further individuals who qualify for nationality are: Guatemala cared for. DOUBLE CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. The Guatemalan government has double nationality treaties with some Central and South American states. Please do not hesitate to ask the embassy if you have any queries. citizen' loss: voluntary: volunteer resignation from Guatemalan nationality is allowed by statute.

DEVOLUNTARY: The following are reasons for the unintentional disappearance of Guatemalan citizenship: The individual is granted voluntary nationality of another state ("dual nationality"). EVERY question regarding nationality or application for waiver of nationality should be addressed to the following address:

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