Guano point


Experience life on the fringes when you visit Guano Point. The Guano Point is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Grand Canyon. A cable car was built from the mine to Guano Point on the South Rim, whereby the cable head house was built on a plot leased from the Hualapai tribe. Both Eagle Point and Guano Point are part of the Hualapai Reserve on Grand Canyon West.

Guano Point Region Activities and Places of Interest

During the 1930' s a female boatwoman passed by found a guano cavern, and 20 years later fruitless efforts were made to mine the nitrogen-rich guano as fertiliser. When they heard there were more than 100,000 tonnes of guano in the caves, the U.S. Guano Corporation purchased the land and built a $3.5 million tram system to win it.

It was constructed from the mine to today's Guano Point, with the Kabelkopfhaus being erected on a plot rented by the Hualapai. By 1959, all the cave's reserves were depleted, as the initial forecast of 100,000 tonnes was actually nearer to 1,000 tonnes. Soon after, a U.S. Air Force combat aircraft fell into the power line system and deactivated it durably.

Gueno Point (Grand Canyon National Park) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

You sure you want to clear this issue? Single persons can go on the sky-walk. You sure you want to remove this response? You sure you want to clear this issue? The Guano Point is part of the Grand Canyon West, as is the Eagle Point, where the sky-walk is located.

There is no charge for car parks at the Licensing and Dualapai Ranching sites. In order to get to the Guano and Eagle Points, you can only take the free coach. Grand Canyon West is operated by the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation. One day ticket to Guano Point, Eagle Point and Hoalapai ranches is $49.92 including taxes.

You sure you want to remove this response? You sure you want to clear this issue? The best thing would be to go to the western edge. Besides SkyWalk you may visit Eagle Point, Guano Point, Tribal Village etc., you may also taste newly made maize? You sure you want to remove this response?

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