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Burma Travel Group, Thornleigh, New South Wales, Australia. Myanmar Travel (tourist information, activities, exchange of ideas within Burma). Wellcome to Travel Myanmar Tourism Group. Looking for Myanmar luxury travel? Please contact Asia Transpacific Journeys, an experienced travel agency specializing in luxury travel in Burma and small groups.


Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is often called the Golden Land. Myanmar's long-term longevity has left a place in Southeast Asia full of tradition, cultural, spirituality and ancient allure. Visiting Myanmar is like turning back the watch. Telephone and web connectivity can be irregular in areas so that you can enjoy a peaceful cultural life that emphasizes your religious and religious values.

A highlight of a vacation in Myanmar is a trip to the enigmatic and impressive plains of Bagan. The Mandalay Monastery of Mahagandayon provides the opportunity to give charity and meals to the Mahagandayon Monastery's friars and nuns before they go to the Hundred Safe stupa on Sagaing hill. From Myanmar you can drive to one of the top mountain colonies between gentle pine-covered mountains.

Myanmar's best times to discover its natural beauties and secrets are the cold, arid November to February. Myanmar's cold seasonal climate provides humid hot summer nights with cold, fresh afternoons. Rain is rare during the cold seasons and the climate in the mountains can become quite cold, sometimes almost to freeze in the dark.

Hottest months of the year bring high temperature tropics, culminating in April and May. Myanmar's heartland is experiencing the highest temperature in the land during this period. It is the wet spell that provides the much needed afternoon downpour. Most rainfall is in the deltas and coastlines of the state.

As a rule, the main area of the land is rained about half as much as the deltas and the coast. In the northern part of the countryside it is colder in the hottest months of the year, but gets more rains than in the main areas during the wet seasons. Apart from clothing that matches the Myanmar tropic weather, hiking boots should not be left out to explore the beauty of the area.

Wearing a coat or pullover for the mountain regions in the winter months is a must. Another great opportunity for the adventure seeker to come and see the land during the hottest period of the year, from mid-April to early April, Burma's New Year. The locals are celebrating the New Year by spraying each other with running waters, and it's a great way to overcome the hottest days and get to know Burma's-landscape.

During the first few seasons of the wet can be beautiful, because the climate is still mild with brief afternoons and the rainfall has not yet peaked. Burma's handicrafts are flourishing in the field of religion. Sometimes it seems that every curve of a stream or ridge has a top of a sanctuary because the people of Burma want to balance their structure on the cliff or high cliff.

The Yokthei Puppeteers, or Burma's puppet theater, uses colorful dolls up to one meter high and is regarded as the most powerful of all Burma's theatres. - It is inappropriate in Burma's civilization to show too much emotions not to lose control over issues and delay. - It is courteous to ask your consent before taking pictures of people from Burma, especially friars.

Though Myanmar has many different ethnical groups, it can be broadly categorized into four groups: First, the group is made up of the Myanmar tribe and more than 30 smaller groups, while the other three groups are less varied. About 2-3 million Karen are living in Myanmar and form the third largest ethnical group in the state.

Most of them are peasants who either reside in the southeast near the Thai frontier or in western Myanmar near the boundary with India. Most of the mon, found in the areas around Mawlamyine and Bago, have had a great influence on art and cultur. Today about 1.3 million mon in Myanmar lives.

Kachin are in the most remote north state. Myanmar's worship is ruled by the ubiquitous Theravada Buddhism. More than 500,000 Buddha denominations are living in convents throughout the land.

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