Group of Companies in Myanmar

The Group of Companies in Myanmar

The IGE Group of Companies is an association of many companies. The ACE Group of Companies is a strong and solid company, one of the leading companies in its industry, a renowned and respected company in Myanmar. Myanmar Group, Yangon, Myanmar. Awba Myanma is the leading group of companies owned by Myanmar that focuses on agriculture and helps farmers to prosper. Something new is always happening at the Eos Group!

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Today, the SMART Group of Companies is recognised as the Myanmar industry leaders. SMART has been providing top of the range product and service support to Myanmar's overseas and domestic clients for over ten years. SMART Technical and SMART Electrical Trading is our main field of work. Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar.

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Become a leader in Myanmar that surpasses worldwide expectation of care and the greatest benefit for all concerned. Our commitment to the happiness, achievement, safety and well-being of our employees, our clients, the community and the planet in which we live is based on our commitment to inspiring, innovative, efficient and highly ethic behaviour.

Max Myanmar was founded in 1993 and since then has earned a sound recognition for outstanding performance in the marketsplace, backed by a rich legacy of innovation, reliability and innovation within the sector. Today we have made significant strides and become a multidisciplinary organisation with a long history of success thanks to the professionalism of our employees and our many years of working in different areas.

Everything we do is taken into account, especially our employees and their security and growth, our clients and their performance, and the way we operate in the community in which we work. From hiring the best employees to deploying a decent pool of heavier machines, trucks and equipments, our dedication to sustainability is evident in all areas of our business.

The company grew aggressively and continuously expanding, diversifying into the areas of underground structures, machine building, transport, hotels and the tourist sector, caoutchouc estates and banks.

Groups considered in Myanmar

We are a competent and advanced group of companies with very succesful companies in major sectors. Unfortunately, Dagon International Limited and Dagon Timber Limited were included in the SDN (Special Specified Nationalities) of the United States from 2009 until April 23, 2015. It is a company dedicated to entrepreneurial openness, high ethics and efficient communication with stakeholders.

From its inception until today (1990 to 2014), Dagon International Limited has been paying income taxes of US$169,297.16 and 1,218,599,995 Kyats. From its inception until today, Dagon Timber Limited (1992-2014) has been paying income tax of US$ 686,714. From the year of its foundation until today, Global Star Company Limited (2008-2014) has also been paying income tax in the amount of US$ 738,755.

From the year of its foundation until today Thuriya Energy Company Limited (2010 -2014) has also been paying Kyats 227,514,476 income tax and Kyats 474,500,212 trade tax. In view of the fast-paced evolution of the operating field and the new corporate assistance system, the Group is dedicated to a continuous education and personal growth programme to make sure that its employees can keep up with the changes.

Our goal is to build a performance-driven and customer-focused organization dedicated to achieving market-leading positions with aggressively growing agendas for the businesses in which we operate. Proud to be a good neighbour, we aim to enhance the lives of those who are living and working in the local community in which we operate.

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