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Grins Coffee

Grinsen coffee company, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We' re a handmade coffee roastery in Hattiesburg, MS. Grincoffee's latest tweets (@grincoffee): It' a great day to drink grin coffee roasted in Hattiesburg! When you' re serious about your coffee, you have a reliable grinder sitting on your kitchen counter.

The Grin Coffee bring a smile to the customer

Some years ago, when Tommy Teepell's chief asked at his previous work if there were any coffee firms where they could buy coffee. Teepell couldn't think of one for his own sake. So, the Teepells ordered their first 150-pound sack of coffee-bean. Financially supported by a boyfriend, the coffee roasters - called " Gertrude " after Teepell's great-grandmother - were bought and Grin Coffee was made.

Teepell's rest came when Chris Cagle, Yokel proprietor in Hattiesburg city centre, permitted him to found Gertrude at the back of the former Yokel site. Soon after, Dusty Frierson, who runs the Purple Parrot Cafe, Crescent City Grill, Branch and Mahogany Bar, got a foretaste of Grin Coffee.

He and his proprietor Robert St. John liked the coffee so much that they put it on the meal list. As Lucky Rabbit relocated to its present Mobile Street site in early 2014, Teepell took Gertrude with him and started a business with Lucky Rabbit co-owners Abby and Brandon Thaxton. Lucky Rabbit has teapell roasting twice a weeks - Tuesdays and Wednesdays- offering hot brews and pouches with Hootie Hoo (medium roast), Made Mama (dark roast), Forty Winks (medium fried decaf) and Flyin' Fiddle (espresso).

Besides the Lucky Rabbit and St. John's Restaurant, Teepell's Blands can also be found on his website and at T-Bones Records & Cafe. However, maybe Teepell's greatest step came a few month ago when he wanted to further develop Grin Coffee. "I was approached by Robert St. John who recounted this state' s Mississippi sponsorship and said that I should apply," Teepell said.

"HENRY Uncle", a former Federation trucks driver called after his great uncles. Following the purchase of the Louisiana based van, Teepell renovated Onkel Henry with sunshades on both sides and a propane-powered coffee maker. Teapell and Henry can be found every Thursday at the Downtown Hattiesburg Farmers Market. All this has given Teepell a unique motivating effect, which is reflected in Grin Coffee's Cultivate Happy concept.

"We want to buy directly from the coffee growers at the front," he said. Teepell isn't finished yet. He is planning to buy his own room in the near term to house the expanding store, and he can even take Uncle Henry on frequent journeys around the city tweeting his location to clients.

Grin Coffee, a coffee roasters from Hattiesburg, supplies pouches with three blends: We have Hootie Hoo (medium roast), Made Mama (dark roast), Forty Winks (medium roasted decaffeinated) and Flyin' Fiddle (espresso). Cold brews can be bought at The Lucky Rabbit on Mobile Street or from the coffee cart at Downtown Hattiesburg Farmers Market.

Now Grin Coffee is the coffee seller for Crescent City Grill/Purple Parrot Cafe and can also be found at T-Bones Records & Cafe and at You can also find Grin Coffee on Facebook (Grin Coffee Company) and Twitter (@grincoffee).

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