Green Hill Valley Myanmar

Myanmar Green Hill Valley

The Green Hill Valley is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is a great place to visit. The Green Hill Valley in Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma) A dozen happy 11phants who are no longer suitable for work in the government's wood yards have retired in Green Hill Valley, which was established in 2011 by a longtime elephant working group. Interacting with the elephant, assisting with feeding and bathing, and planting a forest as part of the camp's afforestation work.

Visiting the Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp Burma (Myanmar)

Kalaw's Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp, where you can go for a stroll with the pensioned wooden elephant and help out with the bathing! Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp gives you the chance to interactively experience these great animals in the certainty that this is an animal-friendly setting that is run according to the principle of sustainability in travel.

In the breathtaking wooded landscape of Kalaw, visitors to the wild life of the wild life of the wild animals gather, feeding, washing and interacting with the seven animals taken care of by the male and veterinarian staff. Saved from the timber economy - after being "retired" by the federal administration - these animals now live their final years in the tranquil Green Hill Valley shrine.

It is a family-owned campsite designed not only to offer shelter to former working bulls, but also to help the communities, conserve the countryside and create employment possibilities for the population. It is this dedication and their enthusiasm for the well-being of animals that make Green Hill Valley Elephant Camps our favorite experience in Myanmar.

Hikers have the possibility to hike through the woods - accommodation and short walking tours - and thus get to know the indigenous landscape and people.

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