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Swim, scrub and feed retired wooden elephants at Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp. Elephant Camp Green Hill Valley Tour Myanmar Elephants Ride & Trek! It is a beautiful city in the Shan Mountains and another basis for hikers, outdoor enthusiasts to Keng Tung in Shan State. In order to give its characteristics even more substance, one of the elephant camps was recently set up in 2011 to give you the eco-tour and make a trip to the Myanmar Elephants.

While in Kalaw, don't miss out on a trip to the elephant camp near the town of Kalaw. 4Walk (5-7 minutes) to the riverbank, where you can swim an elephant and feed and bathe the herd. After the wash an adventure on the back of an elephant (like Mahout) to ride.

7 Lunch is serviced in the central camp. 9Back to the camp and take in the views of the valley.

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The employees ofTipAdvisor deleted this contribution because it did not comply with the policies of the company representatives' meeting. I will give you full information tommorow. it's 10 mile from Kalaw, there are 7 11 animals and one is only 7 years can walk it from Nyaung Shwe and back, but I recommend Heho(airport)-Kalaw Camp-Nyaung Shwe or Nyaung Shwe-Kalaw Camp-Heho(airport).

You are the proprietor of the Green Hill Elephant Camp. Hello, We are traveling to Kalaw in January and have been wondering if you have more information about Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp - is it possible to make an appointment in advanced or can you make a reservation when you are in Kalaw? Yes, for the elephant camp a reservation is required.

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