Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp Myanmar

Myanmar Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp

Picture from visiting the Green Hill Valley elephant camp, Myanmar. Journey through the jungle to the elephant camp in Magwe Village. Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is definitely an interesting place to visit in Myanmar.

It' a great day at Green Hill Valley elephant camp in Kalaw

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is definitely an interesting place to visit in Myanmar. Located in the mountain town of Kalaw, this stunning place is a paradise for old cats. This is a retiring camp for the elephant that has worked all their life for the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE). Upon arrival at the camp (appointment obligatory) you will see the host families who run the camp; they also worked for the MTE (Myanmar Timber Enterprise) in the past, but have chosen to establish this camp.

During your stay you will find that the pets are free and well cared for (not in every camp in Asia!). When you have ever been to another elephant camp, you will certainly find that this is something really unique. Those bulls aren't here to amuse the tourist.

The camp leaves with a greater understanding of elephant and a greater appreciation of these magnificent beasts. Excursions are organised by the elephant caretakers. They will be enthusiastic about the principals of this family-run camp, as they offer the possibility to the visitor to participate in the elephant's everyday grooming programme and to help through the reforestation of the area.

There are four major activities: First of all, the feeding of the elephant. It is open daily because the elephant have to be feeded on Sundays - of course. It is a time to share a magic but easy time with the elephant. Then you can join the elephant swimming in the water.

They can be brushed throughout the entire bathroom, and you will see that the bulls are enjoying it very much. After your stay you will see the vet, who is also the camp founders. He' ll tell you how the elefants are cared for and cared for every single second.

Our last task will be the reforestation of the camp forest. All their life the bulls in this camp worked on deforestation, sometimes in dangerous conditions. The camp therefore wants to symbolize and give the visitor the possibility to do the opposite by replanting them.

The elephants end their so-called "working day" after 3 pm and are discharged into the camp, which covers many acres. Early every dawn, the marauders go to the furthest parts of the camp and call for the elephant with whom they have worked all their lives.

Every elephant responds and "obeys" only one particular elephant. Following these acitivities, we will have dinner at camp before we return to Kalaw with a life-long memory. We can also organise a tour of the elephant camp for you.

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