Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp Location

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In a beautiful location with informative guides. How much does a visit to Green Hill Elephant Camp cost? The Green Hill Valley elephant camp in Kalaw. While in Kalaw, don't miss out on a visit to the elephant camp near the town of Kalaw. Kalaw's Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp, where you can go for a walk with the retired wooden elephants and help out with the bathing!

The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp An adventure you will never be forgotten.

Daw Tin Win Maw's house opened near Kalaw, Shan State, in 2011 and initially provided 20 ha for pensioned wooden elephant hunters who had lived their life carrying wood.

Beginning with two older Elefanten, they rented five more from Myanma Timber Enterprise and designed the concept of a new type of travel, she said. "We saw this as sustainable travel and as a way to provide elephant vets. "We also plant new plants to help protect their surroundings so that visitors can plant a native forest during their visit.

"Re-planting is an opportunity for tourism to increase their awareness of environmental conservation and has a beneficial effect. The people of the village cannot be prevented from felling but when they see that the visitors are planting them again, they could felling less of them. The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is working with Myanma Timber Enterprise to preserve more than 100 acre of wildlife wood.

North American and European travellers come in packages. In this camp, she said, tourists learned a little more about the elephant's natural habitat, its maintenance, nutrition, training and everyday life. "We only take in about 35 visitors a days to make sure the animals have enough free rein to relax and preserve their world.

At 4 pm, all our animals can go back to the woods after the activity is over," said Daw Tin Win Maw. Approximately 45 minutes by car from Kalaw, the best time to camp is between October and February. Htun Htun Wynn, who has 18 years of travel guidance expertise, has built the camp with Daw Tin Win Maw and her uncles vet Dr. Ba Kyaw Than, an elephant vet exper.

"Asiatic bulls are an extinct animal today, so we must preserve them, whether they are savage or domesticated," said Daw Tin Win Maw. The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp can be attended from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. for 90 US$ per adult, inclusive of an internationally accepted luncheon and all incidental expenses.

Animals can also be fed to them.

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