Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp

Elephant Camp Green Hill Valley

Elephant Camp Green Hill Valley Things to see in Green Hill Valley.....

The Green Hill Valley is an amicable venture with a happy group of pensioned Elephant in the area. It is devoted to the protection and reforestation of forests in the area and to working with community groups to maintain precious relations between the Kalaw community and its surrounding area.

It is one of the first of its kind in Myanmar, and your visit will support the promising beginnings of ecotourism in Myanmar. You will also spend a good part of your life seeing, caring for and swimming with the cats. They can also be on a hayout, although this will depend on the elephant's general condition and age. These birds are elderly and not here to help them.

Routes of the camp vary from brief picnics and elephant strolls to exhausting two-day hikes with a overnight stay in a nearby town and a walk through the jungles before you arrive at the camp itself. In addition to welcoming the elephant, there is also the opportunity to support the camp's forestry recreation programme by planted one or two trees - Myanmar used to be 50% woodland, which was greatly diminished in the last hundred years.

It is a beautiful heritage to be left behind and a kind of reversed memento - every memory of your journey to Myanmar will remind you that your Christmas trees are still there. This is a great opportunity to discover the Kalaw area with an experienced leader and promote a forward-looking community based project - one of the first of its kind in Myanmar.

There' is something for most skills here - walks ranging from a few hours' walk to demanding two-day hikes of 5-6 hrs a days. Before and after your adventure you will be stationed in Kalaw, but the short walks are also suitable for a trip from Lake Inle.

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