Green Hill Valley Elephant

Elephant Green Hills Valley

The Green Hill Valley | Respectful Holidays Most of our guests and contributors ask us if there are other places where they can see an elephant where there is no horse show or elephant show. Fortunately, the elephant experience without exploitation is gaining ground! Recently Myanmar's tourist industry has opened up. Although Myanmar is the country of the elephant, there are little to no opportunities for elephantism.

The SEF has established a charitable trust in Myanmar to help the elephant, but we are still in the development phase. Having seen hints of a place named Green Hill Valley (GHV) in Kalaw (on youtube) and having scheduled a long expected journey to the'Golden Land', once Burma's name, we agreed last October to make a remarkable journey to this picturesque little campsite.

The GHV is run by Mann and Mrs. Htun and Maw together with their uncles U Ba, who worked for 35 years as an elephant veterinarian for the Myanmar Timber Enterprise. Mountaineers are green, luxuriant and roll as far as the eyes can see. Campsite is situated in a small valley.

It' s beautiful and designed with great love for detail (there are very nice toilets for Myanmar's jungle!). At first, the visitor is greeted on the porch and green teas are served. They' do what they can to do the best for the pensioned wooden elephant in their custody and educate the visitor about the lives and histories of the elephant in their area.

When visiting, the visitors can take photos, take a bath in a brook and go back to the feeder. At the moment they have seven elefants in their custody, two of which are part of the elephant kin. It will take the elephant some patience to fully adjust to a top priority approach.

Remaining on the elephant, the mahouts think this is necessary to keep them under surveillance. They' re still wearing a hook, even though none of the bulls have had recent injuries. As the ENP, they are also bounded by the area of the country, and the country around them is costly when it is available. At the beginning of this year, on one of their many journeys to Myanmar to work on the SEF projects, Lek and our team visited the GHV and an association was born.

You watched our goal workout programme and pedicure. You could also see our cop farms and our "no hitch - free roaming" managerial approach, which allows our bulls to interact more socially. Since our Maheouts come from Myanmar and we always have to fight with different linguistic obstacles, our Maheouts were very nervous to talk to Htun, Maw and U Ba in Burmese.

Hopefully we will be able to keep exchanging information and information with the GHV and supporting their courageous step in a new path towards soft elephantism in a country that has always helped elephant felling.

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