Green Elephant Camp Kalaw

Kalaw Green Elephant Camp

Elephant Camp Tour @Kalaw. Myanmar Elephants on Ride & Trek!

The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp - Kalaw Forum

I' m interested in attending the above after having read the great critiques and wondering how simple it was to get from Nyaung Shwe to where we will be for a few nights? It is a little further away than Heho, but our present route means that we would not really be able to get there.

It took us about 45 mins. to get there from Kalaw (where we stayed overnight). We drove to Inle Lake after our trip and the journey from the elephant camp to Nyaung Shwe took a little more than 2 h. That'?s about 45 minute ride from Kalaw. This means about 2:30 hour ride from Nyaung Shwe, where you will spend the night.

There is another option: spend one less night in Nyaung Shwe. Nyaung Shwe's going to elephant camp. Returning to Kalaw instead of all the way to Nyaung Shwe. From Kalaw to Heho International is almost the same as from Nyaung Shwe to Heho. It is 55 leagues across the rolling street from Nyaung Shwe to the elephant camp and it takes 2½ hours.

Many small tourist offices in Nyaung Shwe can organize a cheap rental vehicle for you. Next morning Kalaw's trip to the elephant camp and back to NS. We' ve already reserved our Nyaung Shwe accommodation, so we can't really alter our plan as it's non-refundable, but I think I've worked out a way to plan an accommodation in Kalaw before we get there, so it's easy to be there!

So how was your getaway to the elephant camp? So I asked her to come and get us in Kalaw. I' ve not been there yet and am suspicious of the widespread elephant misuse throughout Southeast Asia (there is another camp that is seriously abusing young cats in Myanmar).

So what's the name of that elephant camp you say is abusing the cattle?

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