Green Development Bank

The Green Development Bank

The Green Development Bank Limited company research & ; investing information. The Green Development Bank LTD., Baglung. The Green Development Bank Limited (GRDBL).

The Green Development Bank has three districts (Baglung, Myagdi and Kaski). SMIDB - Small and Medium Industrial Development Bank - Shwe Bank.

"Approaches for the shift to green growth in Africa"

The paper presents approach, policy starting points, methods and means, financial engineering resources and monitoring of green development policy and activity. It has been designed as part of the green expansion debate to prepare and pursue the Bank's 2013-2022 policy. It aims to foster high-quality economic development in Africa and pursues two objectives: integrated and greener.

Specifically, the paper is based on the Bank's first know-how projects and publication that have been created by its cross-divisional Green Growth Team. These guidelines also reflect the expertise gathered by the Bank and its development partner in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Kenya during their work. The aim of green expansion is to enable developing and growing economies to achieve their goals, while (i) maximising the effectiveness of the use of resources, (ii) minimising the amount of solid and polluting wastes and ( iii) increasing the resistance of basic needs and business to external impacts.

Achieving green economic development cannot be done from one day to the next, but only through a progressive changeover adapted to the conditions at home.

First Myanmar bank to provide EMV-certified ATM operations

EMV, or Europay MasterCard Visa, is a technological specifications that facilitate interaction between chip-based payment and direct-debit cards and point-of-sale equipment or ATM. We are making significant progress in the protection of our card holders from cheating by adopting the EMV standards," said Htoo Htet Tay Za, Managing Direktor, Asia Green Development Bank.

"We have been a long-standing bank associate and are convinced that Wincor Nixdorf will be able to support AGD in the successful implementation of this EMV migrations. "Wincor Nixdorf deployed the EMC system together with its regional counterparts Myanmar Golden Rock Intl Ltd. and ACE Data Systems within five months.

"With its congratulations to the first ATM bank in Myanmar, Wincor Nixdorf has set the speed at which other commercial bankers are ensuring this safety certificate," said Karsten Kemna, VP Asia-Pacific Banking at Wincor Nixdorf. "We' re excited to work with EGD through our Myanmar based partner companies to make the transaction as safe as possible for their card holders.

For many years, Wincor Nixdorf has been working intensively with various banks around the world to support them in their conversion to EMC, and we continually develop and promote technology that guarantees secure business for the end customer's use. "Asia Green Development Bank Limited (AGD Bank) opened its headquarters and first subsidiary in Nay Pyi Taw in August 2010.

The AGD Bank strives to provide top performance through inspiring and excellent client care, while at the same time providing cutting-edge solutions and support that meet our clients' needs. Today, AGD Bank has 53 offices in Myanmar and the Bank's Global Division, which provides cross-border credit transfer, currency and agency banking activities. Led by the new CEO U Htoo Htet Tay Za, a new top level executive board and a powerful Information Communications & Technology division, AGD Bank provides new product and support such as the UnionPay debit cards and the portable cash applications for prospects and current customers.

AGD's mission is to deliver the vital bank infrastructures that will sustainably and sustainably influence this emerging country and lay the foundation for an advanced Myanmar. Winncor Nixdorf is one of the world's premier suppliers of IT systems and related support for retailers and retailers.

And Wincor Nixdorf is also using its experience from its key banking and retailing businesses to grow into neighboring regions. This includes post offices and petrol stations. Headquartered in Wincor Nixdorf, Wincor Nixdorf is present in around 130 different locations around the world, giving it an excellent reputation for being close to its customers.

The Group employs a staff of around 9,000.

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