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There are Specialty Green Coffee importers of the best coffees in the world, including certified Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance, Estate & small lot coffees. Legit Green Coffee Philippines Distributor.

Be it a tens of bins or a individual palette, we supply the green coffee that your clients appreciate.

Be it a tens of bins or a individual palette, we supply the green coffee that your clients appreciate. Founded in 2005, Flor de mi Tierra aims to help rebuild coffee companies that have been driven out and severely affected by guerrilla violent attacks. This programme concentrates on essential needs such as healthcare, hygiene and training & especially young entrepreneurs in the coffee sector.

Created in 2016, the Aguadas Farmworkers Pilot is a coffee-related co-ordinated effort to find a solution and work on a benchmarks that will improve the overall condition, governance, work formalisation and recruiting of agronomists. More than 400 coffee growers have joined forces to resolve problems such as the shortage of funds for their holdings and to establish a fair working environment with their spouses.

Today, they are involved in the manufacture of high-quality coffee. A group of coffee producers who have made investments in coffee that is both environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. A major objective of the current research and development is to secure economic viability for up to 3 years. A group of 392 coffee producers who support and development of technology that increases the yield and productivity of outstanding coffee.

This project contributes to encouraging traditional businesses to switch to organic farming. Granja La Esperanza focuses on the production of special and microlots coffee from Colombia. The Esperanza has established a truly exceptional setting among its 3 pilot coffee estates, which is considered the world's foremost example of microlots. We store a large selection of coffee types for your comfort for immediate supply.

Novelties & Occurrences

Panama's Finca Hortigal, or Hortigal Estate, has been family-owned since 1920 and is now fully run by females. Scalping notes: Light acid, full-bodied, with hints of peel of orange, dark brown pepper, strawberry, cream and almond. Ywangan smallholders in Myanmar, formerly Burma, began cultivating coffee to replace poppy in the early 1980s.

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