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If you are in the market for green coffee or African coffee beans, we have the best coffee beans we can find. Complimentary shipping on green coffee beans with our Home Coffee Roaster's Dozen Deal. Purchase green coffee from a single source from exotic locations around the world. Now Shop for Specialty Green Estate coffee beans from around the world. Only Bodhi offers Premium Arabica Specialty coffee beans.

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Please note: You do not need to be a member to buy green beans from the cooperative. Non-member beans are $0.50 more per quid. Orders of coffee beans are shipped within 72 working days after placing the order and are shipped via USPS within 2-3 days. Lightly fruit y with distinct acid and a succulent, clear aftertaste.

Cupid scores of 81 Notes are, hazelnut, cacao, herbs, zed. Average acid and average length. hints of deep candy. Grapes, apple and walnut. Lemon acid and middle size bodies. "Tikal " is an excellent stand-alone product and its texture, sweeteness and balanced texture are perfect for add top marks to filters or espressos.

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Getting coffee beans for less cash! Getting coffee beans for less cash! They want the best coffee and so do we. That is why we only use the best coffee beans. You can be sure that you won't find a better coffee anywhere. Coffee is cultivated by those who practise organic agriculture and promote biodiversity.

We have found that those who are dedicated to these objectives are growing coffee with the best flavor and the best qualitiy.... and participate to earn FREE COFFEE!

Coffee beans, speciality from a single Nicaraguan farm, 3 lbs, single origin green coffee beans, direct trade

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