Greek Restaurant

Hellenic Restaurant

Locate your perfect Greek restaurant. Gyradiko restaurant in the Latin Quarter, Paris. Gyradika in Cyprus (left corner) A traditional ouzeri on the Greek island of Kos. Tavern on the Greek island of Kos. Greek taste in the city.


The open and roomy restaurant with great open-air seats, with a view of the Channel, was created to restore the atmosphere of the Greek cuisine. All of the employees were kind and enthusiast and the meals were tasty and very inexpensive. It' great to be in the city somewhere that will remind me of the meal I ate on vacation in Greece, I will definitely return to this restaurant!

Next months a brandnew Greek restaurant will open in the centre of Exeter.

An all-new Greek restaurant will open next months. An exhilarating new restaurant on 35 South Street will be replacing the El Bocado restaurant in Spain, which shut down this year. Inhabitants hope to give the town an Aegean flair with genuine Greek food.

"We are hoping to give a foretaste of Greece at Exeter and give the feeling that they are on vacation there. "Whether they're about to go on vacation in Greece or maybe when they come back and get vacation blues, this place will make them think they're back out there.

Holders still have to come up with a name for the restaurant, which will have a restaurant with a capacity of 50 place settings. One of them is another Greek restaurant in Newton Abbot, which was shut down 14 years ago. The couple currently runs the much-loved Ottery St Mary Large Street Café.

"We wanted to open the restaurant there (in Ottery St. Mary), but when that place became vacant, we had to take it," Mr. Hazhaj said. The opening will be the third Greek restaurant in Exeter, the other two are on the edge of the town. Gyros and souvlaki takeaways are located on Buddle Lane, while Gyros is in Pinhoe.

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