Greek Muse of Love Poetry

The Greek Muse of Love Poetry

Replies for the reference to the crossword puzzle of ancient Greek love music. In the following you will find possible answers to the crossword hint Muse of love poetry. Bottom is the solution for Muse of love poetry in Greek mythology crossword reference. The muse Erato was the protector of love and love poetry - and also of marriage. These were the daughters of Zeus, Lord of Gods, and Mnemosyne, who embodied the memory.

Hellenic mythological muse of love poetry

Greek legend says that the Nine Museums were in charge of all kinds of imaginative and intelligent thinking in ancient Greece. In the course of time, they have been mentioned in the works of many people, such as Heisod and Diodorus Siculus. When the Romans adopted Greek mythological features, they also took up the Greek Muses' music.

Every one of the museums was in charge of one facet of creativity or intellect, and Erato was the old muse of love poetry and song, as well as poetry and song about matrimony. Here you can find more information about who this muse is and what she is for:: Erato should be the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne like the other eight musees.

It is said that Zeus and the Titan mated nine consecutive nights and each of these nine led to the conceiving of one of the muse. Erato, like the others of the museums, is portrayed as a young and pretty girl whose looks inspire love poetry.

He has been featured several occasions in various literary works. Indeed, Appolonius is the one who proposed that the name Erato can be deduced from the same roots as Eros, and he also said that she had the mercy of Aphrodite. Lovebirds are one of the symbol of love.

In Vouet's work, too, he often portrays Eros, the deity of love, as a companion. In his theogonic work, Hesiod also mentioned them together with the other eight musees. Platon also mated them with thoughts of love in his work, Phaedrus. It is one of the nine museums and usually presents all the scriptures related to love, as well as love poetry, love song and all subjects related to love and matrimony.

By what she stands for, she is also one of the most wonderful of all museums, especially because it is said that her looks inspire these thoughts. Or in other words, when the Greek authors and antique verses wanted to show love, Erato was usually present.

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