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Check prices and find the best deal for Grade One Hotel. In the bus we met Lisa and Robb, a great couple from Belgium. Places of interest Myanmar's Mon state is home to Moulmein ), the main city of the Union of Myanmar. Kyaikthanlanagoda was built in 875 AD during the rule of King Mutpi Raja. It' a Buddha-reliquary.

Buddha's tripitaka scripts and golden pictures were kept in the cloakroom. Consecutive royals elevated the pit from 56 ft to the present 150 ft.

At present, the current basis of the cemetery is 450ft. 34 small Zediyan are circling the cagoda. Anawrahta, the King of the Bagan dynasty, fixed the church and later extended it by Mon Königen Especially King Wagaru of Mottama in 1538 A.D. A large church bells with a mediaeval Mon script and another one with a picturesque English epigraph can be seen on the platform. From March 30, 1885: " This church bells of Koonalenga. the clergyman. and weigh 500iss.

He was the page about which the renowned British writer Rudolf Kilpling described in his poetry "Mandalay", which begins with the line: At the old Moulmein pit. Look lazily at the sea". The name of this pageant comes from a character by the name of U Zina, but nobody really knows who he was.

U Zina was just a village dweller who found a pan of golden on the top of the mound where the page now is. He and his spouse became wealthy and build this coupé on the mound that gave them their possession.

Kyaikpatan is the old name of this marble tree, which takes its name from the name of the mountain on which it is located. According to tradition, it was first constructed in the third millennium B.C. There is a report that uugalay and his wife Daw Mi reconstructed the pit in 1832. They' re dead near a reservoir just off this side of the river.

Together with 11 Buddha Haarreliquien the cabinet under Yele Paya allegedly contains a Buddha picture floating here on a Sri Lankan float in antiquity. According to some legends, Buddha came to Thuwunna Bhumi in Maha Sakarit in 111 around 581 BC and came to Kyin Maing (Kyaikkhami) the country of Yawnaka.

The Buddha was resting on the cliff that was to set up the pit and gave the 20 children of the Kyin Maing son and Kappina the hermit's coat reliquaries before he went to Thuwunna Bhumi. The hermits Kappina and ten of the rulers constructed a holocaust shelter for the remains they found in the caves.

Since then she has been known as Eka Dasa. Arabanta Upatittha and King Devanampiyatitittha sent four Buddha sandals over water, which preserved the Buddha relic that had been given to them, and took an vow to take them to a place where there were places to store Buddha-reliquies. Then one of them came to the Eka Dasa Pagoda in Kyaikkhami.

The Eka Dasa Pagoda is now one with five miracles in the middle. Buddha pictures inside face the ocean to the north.

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