Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon University is Arizona's leading private Christian university, offering degrees online, in the evening or on our Phoenix campus. A guide to the best hotels and activities in the Grand Canyon. Canyon Grand Opening Times & Years South Rim is open 24 h a day, 365 d a year inclusive of all public holiday. If you are interested in making the most of your stay here at the Grand Canyon, a coach, chopper or walk is strongly advised. However, if you don't want to travel on a trip, there is a free of charge shuttlesystem in the Grand Canyon Village area.

Keeping your vehicle parked at the Visitor Center and using the free shuttles to explore the resort will make the Grand Canyon experience much simpler and more pleasant. Due to wintry meteorological circumstances, North Rim Campsite, hotel and catering facilities within the North Rim are only open from mid-May to mid-October.

Campsites fill up quickly and can be book through Recreation. gov or North Rim Hotel here. North Rim is the less visited, more secluded part of the Grand Canyon. While there are a few routes and walks in this area, this side of the reserve is open; but for the most part, outside fans come here to enjoy and discover the Grand Canyon in their own way.

The Grand Canyon National Park can be reached on feet, ski or snowshoe, even if the North Rim entry point is shut. Accompany The Wildland Trekking Co. on an unforgettable trip to the Grand Canyon! Offering 1- to 8-day trekking adventure, delicious back-country food and premium equipment serviced by America's most seasoned and skilled Grand Canyon Guide.

More than 25 years experiences in adventures. We can help you find your perfect adventures at no extra charge as a one-stop booking for all 16 Grand Canyon equipment rafters! One of the miracles of the globe, the Grand Canyon is what better way to see it than from the bottom of your hearts on a Colorado Valley Rapafting Tour?

Travelling down the Grand Canyon, this one-of-a-kind journey takes you from first-rate river breezes to walking and floating in the side gorges to examining the remnants of the first Grand Canyon people. Our expert travelers will show you the marvels of the Grand Canyon. It is not a Grand Canyon ride, it is an adventurous one!

Do you only have one full viewing of the Grand Canyon West Rim? Booking one of our West Rim routes from Las Vegas and experiencing everything there is to see by coach, boats, helicopter or plane. Trips begin at around $129 per capita, so you can see how the Grand Canyon saves a lot of your precious travel hours and dollars.

Elected Trip Advisor as the most favorite Grand Canyon outing. It is the best way to experience the Grand Canyon without the hassle of walking. During a comfortable trip you will get to know the geography and story of one of the seven natural wonder of the world. Included in the full days trip are brief strolls to some unbelievable "less used" views, a glimpse into some of the most stunning historical edifices and plenty of free browsing around the residents' fine arts gallery and gifts shop......

The Grand Canyon - from Las Vegas Hotel to the Grand Canyon National Park - offers every conceivable sight-seeing and adventurous outing. Booking a Grand Canyon River Cruise on the Colorado River. One Day Tours offers you a luxury driving pleasure. Both the West Rim (Skywalk) and the South Rim (Grand Canyon National Park) of the Grand Canyon are on our way.

You and your group can spend your free hours hiking, shopping, eating and enjoying the beautiful view of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven nature miracles of the planet. There is also a one-way shuttle to and from the Grand Canyon South Rim of Las Vegas.

This is the most extensive trip of the Grand Canyon, upgrading and exploring the whole South Rim in an open Jeep Wrangler. Accompanied by an experienced travel manager, you will be guided to the most beautiful viewpoints and the best photographic possibilities for this memorable experience. Grand Canyon avec "La plus grande et la plus expérimentée compagnie d'hélicoptères de tourisme au monde !

Select between Air touring from the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas and surface touring from Scottsdale/Phoenix. Stay a whole afternoon and visit two of the most famous scenery in American Southwest Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend! The Lower Antelope Canyon Tour takes you to the core of one of the most exciting slots Canyon in the globe.

Please check the Grand Canyon Railway's website. Make your reservations to travel to the Grand Canyon in one of five class of services with our classic car trainsets. Or choose a holiday pack that will include accommodation in our own Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and Grand Canyon National Park.

Victor provides aerial, chopper and ground trips to the Grand Canyon. Booking a Grand Canyon Chopper Cruise or combining a Grand Canyon shore and aviation event. There is something for everyone from the classic trip to the ultimate adventure...and everything in between. Help Victor turn your Grand Canyon holiday plan into an adventurous one.

Almost 20 different routes, with fares from $268/pp. ..... Sedona and Grand Canyon specialists! Our Sedona trips will show you the picturesque view of Sedona and tell you all about the fascinating geology and historical background that makes Sedona so special and interesting. If you' re looking for more Arizona adventure, Great West Adventure Trips will even take you on a Grand Canyon trip!

The Grand Canyon - from Las Vegas Hotel to the Grand Canyon National Park - offers every conceivable sight-seeing and adventurous outing. Booking a Grand Canyon "flightseeing" trip by heli. Helicopters offers chopper trips to the Grand Canyon. At Maverick, we bring to the Grand Canyon top quality services and VIPs. Offering you an adventurous experience of a lifetime and not just another Grand Canyon itinerary.

You' ll be taking Maverick further and further into the Grand Canyon than any other outfit. Grand Canyon Airlines has been the leading supplier of picturesque Grand Canyon touring tours since 1927. Classical Grand Discovery tours are the ultimative canyon views.

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