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is an online retailer of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, RAM mounts, GPS accessories, GPS map software and other accessories. How do you feel about GPS City? Garmin's best timepieces made even better! Garmin's best timepieces made even better! ALL THE NEW FUNCTIONS IN THE 5 PLUS SERIES: Topo 100K Maps preinstalled on ALL 5 plus Clocks!

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Ciudad GPS

Initially established in 1994 and online since 1996, we are a premier online dealer offering both the sale and support of GPS (Global Positioning System) and RAM Mount related equipment and supplies. Supplying North America and the world with bearings at our sites in the United States and Canada, we distribute to tens of thousand of consumers, small business, Fortune 500 corporations and large academic establishments, polytechnics, local schools, the Pentagon, the DND in Canada, the armed forces and other federal agencies.

Our products are also sold in many nationalities. We do not concentrate on ourselves, but on our clients and users.

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Defective client of GPS City vessel is returning to new client! It had a corrupted display when it got here. They also had client information (tracks from the client's house, etc.). So, I get a known defective device from another client. You told me I could send it back at my cost and you would consider a reimbursement!

This is the most regrettable example of an after sales support that has ever sent a known defective device to another client and then makes them ask for a reimbursement. I ordered an article on April 1 and we sent an e-mail informing them that the article had been sent. In June I sent an e-mail to inquire where the item is no replies until the many e-mails sent and William the buyer representative said they must accommodate missing items claim and I can vote other items... I chose for reimbursement because of bad services... when they chose to reimburse I did not get the full reimbursement quoting they did not reimburse shipment charges.

Question to the corporation is why am I not receiving postage for items.... All I have gotten is they are sorry and no postage reimbursement... This is ABSOLUTE UNETHICAL UNPROFESSIONAL shop... My claim is the same as users misluk73.... Exceptional client relationships. It' has everything you need for your purchasing site. several orders with them in the last few years, always get what I payed and dispatched in a timely fashion.

A great website and outstanding client services, very recommendable. Since 6/2011 I have been working with GPS City and have always got a quick, exact and reasonable price for all orders. Their first order, the GPS device, was dispatched the next business meeting and delivered on schedule and in perfect working order.

Part two of my last experiment, the sensor, included a request to the sale, which was responded to the same date by its director for online sale and was also sent out immediately, one of the days before the expected date of receipt. I' m satisfied with the equipment (my selection, over which they have little control) and very satisfied with GPS City's continued good level of customer support.

Excellent client services. Extremely quick delivery. The GPS City has a rebate for warriors. They were in excellent shape and a great prize. I will certainly do deals with them in the near term... They have a client for life....very recommendable. I have had a great time so far and I have no problems with the order transaction or support.

Yes, I got an SD memory and there was no memory on it. I' m being asked to give the SD back, and if I had gotten it, they would have sent me a new one. Requesting accelerated delivery and being denied. apparently nobody there either wants to ship the right one in the first place or try to expedite the returns - of course I have to foot the bill of returns and base on other reports I see, I wonder if they assert that they never got it.

On November 3, 2016 I bought a reconditioned $139 ATM 2689LMT from this firm. 95 with a debit and debit cards connected to my Paypal bankroll. I got the device on November 7, 2016. Since I already own a 2689LMT and am very comfortable with the UI, I upgraded the cards on the 2689 as soon as I had it.

When I turned on the device and used the voice control, I heard a click from the loudspeaker. After contacting GPS City, I talked to William F. and he gave me an RMA number to get the device back. They asked me to prepay for the returns, which was $6.80, and once the error was verified, they would reimburse the postage to my Paypal bankroll.

On 11/8/2016 I gave the device back and it was recieved from GPS City on 11/10/2016. On 11/10/2016 the device was acknowledged as faulty. On 11/14/2016 I phoned GPS City to find out when a spare device would be delivered, and I was informed that the device was behind schedule and would stay that way for at least two whole-week.

I' ve applied for a reimbursement for the device and my delivery charges and was informed by William F. that the delivery charges will not be reimbursed. As the device sent was faulty, I was insisting and they basically asked me to service for the device at least 4 week after payment to get a new one.

It was $131.95. I ended up archiving a debate by my plastic cardboard and GPS City gave out a payment for $131. 95 and not the compensable cost that was $139.95. The GPS City website states that articles in the same state will be fully reimbursed and that the cost of delivery will be reimbursed up to $9.95 if it is your own fault. However, GPS City does not accept any responsibility for the cost of the same.

If the equipment sent to the client was faulty, a serious company would reimburse the full cost AND the cost of returning the equipment (most businesses would supply a prepaid returns sticker). Bad part qualitiy - unreactive services - fake reviews! So I e-mailed their support, then sells after I had waited ~ a weeks.

Reasonable prices, good products, bad service. Walked all over your company's bureaucracy to give back articles. Emails and repeated calls within two month to receive a full reimbursement as specified in the returns policies. First, they gave me a reimbursement for TWO of the three returned articles (less the initial delivery charges) and blamed me for only two of the three parts.

You reimbursed the amount for the third, but would not reimburse the initial delivery costs, although your insurance policies state that you would reimburse this amount and the delivery costs I had for returning the parts to you. I have bought a large selection of GPS devices and equipment from GPS City.

I received the order the same order the same morning and it was delivered to my home in Denmark after six workdays. Gain true client insights and react to your ratings.

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