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Yangon Hotel Governors

The Belmond Governor's Residence is a colonial-style hotel in Yangon. The Governor of Belmond's residence in Yangon, Myanmar. Outdoor Swimming Pool Belmond Governor's Residence. The Belmond Governor's Residence Hotel is located in Yangon. Great discounts for the Belmond Governor's Residence Hotel Yangon.

INSIDE: Hotel Insider: Residence of the Governor of Belmond, Yangon

I travel with a group, and the hotel picks us up from the new Yangon International in one of its charmingly renovated 1942 coaches, with interior trim in hardwood, armchair-like seating and personnel in classic outfits. In the hotel, a renovated 120 year old teenager villa, I am served a cup of cool teas and brought to my room.

This hotel is wonderfully landscaped, with a garden and a swimmingpool, and you will feel a sighs of decomppression as you walk through it, with the sounds of Peafowl and Cicada and the fragrance of the tropical. Located in a low, tranquil and expansive area known as Dagon, about 10 minutes by car from Shwedagon Pagoda and about half an hours from Yangon city centre.

With only 49 rooms, the hotel feels like an exquisite shop hotel. Most of the houses are wooden, with many open spaces, which include terraced restaurants on the upper and lower levels of the house. Wonderfully presented, with wooden flooring, cosy mesh bedding and luxury bathroom.

It is a "governor's room" on the first level, with a small en-suite terrace, a spacious lounge with sofa bed, an appealing en-suite toilet (there is a wet bathtub but no bathtub ), a tea and cafe. Our morning snack bar is delicious with delicious homemade pasta, homemade biscuits, homemade yoghurt, homemade pasta and a pasta stew area.

In the welcoming note in the room, the hotel says that it "wants to revert to the refinement and sobriety of an early age". It was the way my room felt like a spiritual retreat, breakfastbuffet and a 90-minute "Ku Nye" massaging session ($90; Dh330), which is a mixture of traditional tranquil massages with ethereal oils and clay with warm herbs.

This hotel dedicates a TV station to a documentation about Aung San Suu Kyi and an Anthony Bourdain Myanmar story, but at the time I wanted to see her, the TV system was set back. A twin room at the Belmond Governor's Residence ( costs from $350 (Dh1,285) per room per day in the low seasons to $900 (Dh3,300) per day in the high seasons, incl. breakfasts.

The check was carried out at the hotel's request.

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