Governor's House Myanmar

Myanmar Governor's House

Deals from Belmond Governor's Residence. A detailed overview of the Governor of Belmond's residence in Myanmar, including current room rates, compelling photos and more. Governor's residence on the Orient Express.

Residence of the Governor of Belmond

Unwind in the libary, savour a drink in the Kipling Bars, lounge in one of the country's old country chairs under the roof fans: W. Somerset Maugham's books come to life there. Room & Suites Suites - Roomy and stylishly decorated, each suites is a luxury retreat in this tropical town.

Governor's Room - In honor of the hotel's story, Governor's Room combines Burma's traditions with modern luxuries. Eat in a stylish way and enjoy the delicious Myanmar food. At the Governor's residence there are a number of eateries and pubs to suit all taste. Commemorate your trip to Myanmar in the most suggestive way: by taking home a work of artwork by one of the world's best artists.

Yangon Teahouses are an essential part of everyday living in Myanmar and everywhere in Yangon. Myanmar's'Green'; Berry - In the last five years, Myanmar's popularity of beers has grown, which is mirrored in the growing number of local beers. The Kandawgyi Park - Situated in the centre of the town, Kandawgyi Park, around the homonymous park, is a place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Yangon.

In the early mornings of every day, local people of all age meet in the Yangon Park to practise Yangon Thai Tradition. There are several groups punctuating the park, which move in graceful synchronism. Dining on 19 St. - This small side road in the centre of Yangon's Chinatown comes to life when the sundown.

There are a doze of barbeque stores on the streets, with desks and stools in the center of the streets. Musician, lotteries and bead walnut sellers move along the streets and contribute to the ambience. Beyond the River - Most Yangon citizens are living outside the center of the city: many houses are on the other side of the river, in towns that are only a few minutes away but far away from inner cities.

Take a boat to take a look at Myanmar's country lifestyle: residents commute, come to town for shopping or go home to their family. On board the Circular Trains - The Locally Slown Trains offer one of the most interesting, simple and relaxed ways to explore Yangon's world. On the way there it goes through the hustle and bustle of the town into the quiet, verdant landscape.

Worship Places - Many different faiths live together in Myanmar in joy. Glass products and factories - Glass products are a specialty of Myanmar and their importance is increasing on the global scene. Arts and Histories - Yangon has a large gallery library (a choice of works is shown above) and is a great place for cultural lovers.

For example, the Pansodan Galery shows works by Myanmar's renowned artists, both modern and tradition. Visit the art galleries with an experienced Yangon researcher or an experienced Yangon researcher to get a deeper look into Yangon's culture world. Eat a meal or drink a drink at the House of Memories Restaurante, an old manor house in a wonderful backyard.

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