Government of Myanmar 2016

Myanmar Government 2016

Released March 31, 2016. by. Myanmar's new government is due to take office on 1 April. Visit of diplomats to Myanmar to deal with the Rohingya crisis. Establishment of the Government of the Union (Communication No 1/2016).

3% this year and almost 2016.

The Myanmar Times: The Myanmar Times: NLD to reduce departments

As his first step as president-elect, U Htin Kyaw suggested a change of leadership that will reduce the number of departments while at the same time cutting the number of employees by more than 75 hect. According to the blueprint presented to the Union legislature today, 21 ministers will replace the present 36.

The National League for Democracy proposes only 18 detainees, as the army has appointed three detainees for Interior, Defence and Border Affairs, who will stay under Tatmadaw's supervision and will not be affected by the war. The U Thein Sein administration had a combined of 96 ministerial and vice minister.

NLD has suggested dismantling all vice-presidential positions, while the six presidential secretaries will be downsized to one. According to the NLD, the main aim of the programme is to lower the cost in order to lower the public debt. "A reduction in the number of departments is mainly due to a reduction in public spending.

It is planned to merge design and finance in one single department, while there will be a department for transport and communication that will bring together three former departments. These include culture and religion, agriculture, livestock and watering, electricity and energy, labour, immigration and population. It also has a Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

A number of departments - among them cooperatives, rail transport, science and technology and sport - have been merged into others. Survival of the Information Department, a vital instrument of the MP. However, a new government department will be appointed to deal with ethno-nationalities, as called for by the passing of the 2015 ethno-nationalities protection law. "We' ve never had a department focused on ethnical matters and questions of freedom.

Now, we are hoping that the new government will work for the good of the people by responding to their emotions and voices," he said. However, without deputies, some deputies are concerned about the capacity of a particular minster to lead the joint departments. "Combining similar services may be good, but I'm worried that[the ministers] will be able to accomplish this whole work.

But I don't want to criticize their plans because[the NLD] has chosen to do so because they think[the ministers] can do it," said U Pe Than, an ANP official from Myebon in Rakhine state. Some MEPs said that if the EU Council of Europe were not able to cope with this challenge alone, the standing female secrearies could come to their rescue.

"Unless assistant secretary officers are appointed, standing clerks can take this responsibility," said U Thein Swe, a USDP MP. NLD's new governance will involve employees of many divisions awaiting to find out what will be done to them. Mr U Myo Aung, head of the Department of Cooperatives, which is to vanish, said he was prepared to work with the new administration, although he was concerned about which department he would be transferred to.

The NLD plans were greeted by an officer from the planning department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. "The people who are worried are those who have privileges under the present administration. It has said that it does not mean to downsize the public services, which is relatively small for the scale of the nation, and pledged redeployments instead of collective redundancies.

Ministerial appointments were not announced last night and it is suspected that NLD, USDP, the present office, ethnical political groups and other expert officials will be made. "Daw Khin San Hlaing said that the NLD constituted the NLD and the NLD will stand for a nationwide conciliation.

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