Gothic Quarter Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Gothic quarter (Catalan: Barri Gòtic IPA: [ ?bari ???tik] or El Gòtic, Spanish: Barrio Gótico) is the centre of Barcelona's old town.

For us, the best part of downtown was this neighborhood. This beautiful quarter, known as the Gothic quarter, is so called because it used to be the Roman village and thus has some remnants of its glorious past. This Gothic quarter is one of Barcelona's most famous landmarks.

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Barcelona's Gothic quarter stretches back over 2,000 years and is one of the most discussed districts in the capital - full of charms and gripping stories. However much of your exploration experience you have, you will always come across another charming place or a mystical alley. Have a look at our activities in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona and learn more about some of the most important sights.

But don't forgetting to use your free leisure for the loss! The old Barcelona neighborhood, El Call, is one of the most gothic neighborhoods. They are some of Barcelona's most narrow roads, and they are also full of a deep story that goes back to the Middle Ages.

Situated in the centre is the Sant Domenec del Call road. Picasso was only 14 years old when he came to Barcelona. It was a very lively road of dubious morality that later inspire some of his works. The famous Catalan arquitect Antonio Gaudi also stayed some years in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

His first project after his graduation was the lighting of one of Barcelona's largest plazas, the Plaça Reial. Gothic Quarter in Barcelona at nocturnal is a rude road show going in and out of diving bar, dancing club and clubbing. On the lower half, bordering the harbour, you will find the highest concentrations of great places to spend a real Madrid evening.

Please have a look at our full article on some of the best places to celebrate in Barcelona. The oldest and second oldest in Barcelona, Can Culleretes dates back to 1786. You' ll find it hidden in a small road on the renowned Barcelona Blvd, Las Ramblas. If you really want to enjoy some of the best Catalan cuisine in Barcelona, then join one of our itineraries.

The Tapas, Taverns and History Tour takes you through the mediaeval Born quarter and of course through the Gothic quarter! Although La Boqueria is only on the edge of the Gothic quarter from a technical point of view, it is definitely worthwhile to fit in with your plan. Take a stroll, visit El Quim de la Boqueria for a tapestry and especially enjoy the hectic pace of this historical fair in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

There' nice places all over Barcelona. Of course, the Gothic quarter is no different. Sant Felip Neri Square, for the memory of the Civil War in Spain. Place d'Antonio Lopez, for a cup of tea overlooking ancient citadels. Praça de Sant Josep Oriol and Praça del Pi, for an arts week-end and a farmers' fair.

Do you know that the Gothic quarter of Barcelona has a Gothic style sanctuary? It' s unseen from the road, but many don't even know it is there! Tucked away in a small road behind the church, the Episcopal Palace is open until 8 p.m. Inside you can find out more about Barcelona's foundation as a Rome settlement and where it got its name from!

One of the most important Gothic quarter of Barcelona is of course the Gothic cathedral from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. Do not miss the interior of the cathedral, the courtyards and the lovely cloister. Barcelona's Gothic quarter is home to one of the most bustling shopping areas in Europe, the Portal d'Angel.

It is a broad road bordered by all the major makes. Please find our full article about our purchasing hints and where to buy in Barcelona! Are you looking for funny activities in Barcelona? Accompany us on a gastronomic trip through the alleys of our lovely town and try some of its cuisine!

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