The Gorontalo (Hulontalo) is an Indonesian province on the island of Sulawesi. The Gorontalo, nestled in the calm waters of the northern shore of Tomini Bay, on the southern edge of the protective northern arm of Sulawesi. The Gorontalo, propinsi (or provinsi; province), in the centre of the northern peninsula of the island of Celebes (Sulawesi), Indonesia. Discover the holidays in Gorontalo and discover the best times and places to visit.

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Gorontalo finally became the educational and commercial centre for the neighbouring municipalities in the Tomini-Bocht area, as the territory of Bolaang Mongondow (North Sulawesi), Buol area, Luwuk area, Banggai area, Donggala (Central Sulawesi) also in the southeast. The reason for this is its strategical situation, its situation directly on the Gulf of Tomini (south) and on the Sulawesi Sea (north).

The Gorontalo peninsula encompassed 19 Indonesian tribes according to Mr.C.Vollenhoven's tariff classification[13] Between Gorontalo's religious beliefs and traditions, it was merged with the concept of "Adat Syara and Syara Kitabullah bersendikan". The Pohalaa Gorontalo is the most famous of the five Pohalaa. That' why Gorontalo is better known.

Before Indonesia's beginning of sovereignty, Nani Wartabone led a gorontal movement for autonomy and on 23 January 1942 declared himself sovereign[14] Gorontalo was practically a self-governing province for about two years. It was a landmark in the fight for sovereignty and an inspiration for similar endeavours in both Celebes and the Ionian Islands.

Wartabon was finally recognised by the government of Indonesia as Indonesia's national hero. Today he is interred in his home town of Suwawawawa, in the east of the county. Governor's Offices of the Gorontalo Region (2010). There are five provinces (Indonesian: kabupaten) and only one town ( Indonesian: kota).

At the time the provincial was founded in 2000, there were only two regents hips and the town in the provincial. The division of the regenerations took place in 2003 (when the Pohuwato Regency was built from the west part of the Boalemo Regency and the Bone Bolango Regency from the east part of the Gorontalo Regency) and 2007 (when the North Gorontalo Regency was built from the north part of the Gorontalo Regency).

From 2010, the following chart shows the lists of regents and towns in the Gorontalo area. Remark: * A town and also the county town. Gorontalo, like many of Indonesia's Provinces, has a large Muslim population.

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