Google Map Myanmar Country

Maps Myanmar Country

Wrong display of Google Maps menu in Myanmar Language Capture. Burma on the coast of the Andaman Islands and was on its way to the country's largest city, Yangon. Wellcome to the Google Map of Burma and the list of locations of this country! Burma sightseeing with Google Satellite Map always makes sense! When you are looking for the book Myanmar Country Map:

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Welcome to Google lists of Burma (MM) and the location of this country..... Search the directory of administration areas below Burma, navigate through the administration areas to find the place of interest to you and book your guaranteed best price for your city! Their Burma Google Satellite Map Sightseeing and Street View begins here!

In order to enable Street View on any town in Burma, click and hold the little man on the map and use the zoom-function. Myanmar, or Burma as it was formerly called, lies on the Indo-Chinese mainland. The British East India Company extended to the whole of Burma in the early 19th centuries.

After the Second World War, Burma became an autonomous country. The reason: Britain captured Burma over a 62-year time span (1824-1886) and integrated it into its Indian Empire. Myanmar was managed as a provincial government of India until 1937, when it became its own self-governing settlement; it gained its Commonwealth autonomy in 1948.

Search the most complete and up-to-date on-line listing of Burma's government districts and streetscapes. Areas are listed in alphabetic order from layer 1 to layer 2 and finally to layer 3. The map of Burma is for information purposes only. Users assume the entire responsibility for the use of Google Map and Google Route Planner.

There are 14681 views of this map of Burma. If you want, there is a very simple way to get links to our Burma map - which includes free Google Map, Google Map, Google Mapazetteer, Country, Street View and facts - that you can use on your website.

Google Maps change language or domain - Android

Maps will guide you to a country code top-level domain and display placeholders in their respective official jargon. They can modify a country code top-level or country code top-level domains or use Google Maps. Googles Maps displays placeholders in the national dialects but you can modify your map locale on your computer.

Open Google Maps on your computer. Chose your preferred language. Choose a preferred languages. The map captions are displayed in the country code but you will see the locations in your chosen languages. Find out how you can modify your preferred languages for all Google applications. Googles Maps will guide you to a country code top-level domain name ( "Google Maps URL" in your browser) and a map of your area.

Maps works with many country code top-level domain names, such When your domainname is incorrect or you want to switch, you can modify this in your preferences. Open Google Maps on your computer. Click on the country name in the lower right hand side of the screen (e.g. USA or Great Britain).

The Search Preferences window appears. Select the desired country under "Regional settings". By navigating to a location with a portable phone, you can modify the speech and direction. Hint: After changing the navigational languages, you will see how fast you need to turn, but not the name of the avenues.

Open the Google Maps application on your Android mobile or tray. Touch Menu Preferences. Touch Navigation Setting Languages. Select a vote and speech.

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