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Download Hindi News App on Google Play. Note that these are cumulative reviews as the app is listed on the Google Play Store. It is not a new application, but a brand new set of features in Android Messages. Hindi news from the Navbharat Times. "His very nice Hindi news app is easy to read.


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The Dainik Jagran Hindi News App is all you need to get the latest news from India. Extensive reporting: Deep coverage of news, opinions & analyzing top news histories in the world of politics, business, technology, world news, sports & more..... With our analytic histories, you get unprejudiced reporting on all the histories, be it the benefits of GST, the introduction of a new cell phones, general campaign reporting, the latest Hindi news in business, or more.

Economic news (??????? ?????): Day-to-day marketing and analytic news of all the latest government policy, be it demonetisation, GST, tax archiving, budget or more. In Hindi News, our Hindi language professionals analyze the guidelines and explain their implications for your day-to-day work. Shared Man Issues & Positive News (??????? ?????):

Weary of all the bad news around, check out our new good news section and push the negativities away. Entertainment news & chatter (??????? ??????): cricket news, scoring alerts (??????? ?????): We' ll keep you up to date with all of Hindi livecricket goals, fixture plans, Hindi on and off the pitch news, score-updates, experts' and more.

It also covers all the news on India's sporting scene such as soccer, ice hockey, tennis and many more. Check out the latest Hindi News Epapers from all our towns. Booksmark A News & Nights mode: Store your favourite messages for later viewing and switch to sleep for simple viewing at a time. Receive the latest news notices.

All current news can be found in our notice centre. You no longer need a good access to the web to view messages. Go into off-line and view all messages without consuming your bandwith. Voice messages: You will soon be able to hear the latest news and notices. Keep up to date by uploading the best Hindi news app and finishing your day-to-day news hunting here.

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