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Browseable map/satellite view of Yangon, Myanmar. Wikivoyage Yangon travel guide; satellite image from Google Maps. Welcome to Rangoon's Google Satelite Maps!

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Where' s Yangon in Myanmar? Are you traveling to Yangon, Myanmar? Learn more with this highly featured on-line interactivity city centre of Yangon, its surroundings and its neighbourhood. The page cannot be loaded by Google Maps. Are you traveling to Yangon, Myanmar? Learn more with this detailled Yangon maps from Google Maps.

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I heard about Dala, pronounced (Day-La), which lies on the other side of the flu. The area is earmarked for cooperation with a top Korea building company Han Shin, which is recommending a $250 million community of Dala near Yangon. Ministries of Building and Han Shin are currently measuring the building of four viaducts between Yangon and Dala.

Hmaw Bi - Yangon (Rangoon) Board

I am considering going to Hmaw Bi for a full working days, as it seems like a good place to get out of town. When I look at Google Maps, it shows the ring road that branches off at Da Nyin Gone train terminal towards Hmaw Bi, so I suppose I can change there?

However the use of Rome2Rio to get an estimation of the fare does not show a northern run from Da Nyin Gone passing through Hmaw Bi. This shows a connection and then the transfer to a cab. Can I switch to Da Nyin Gone in northern direction as it will appear on Google Maps, or is this feature not available?

They can change anywhere on the western side of the circumference. When you buy a train pass, there are northern coaches. I' d say about 1/3 of the moves is not a circular line. If you have a tray or smart phone, if so, I recommend that you download is very convenient for Myanmar, if your unit has Myanmar, you do not need an ISP and it will still show you where you are on the maps.

The Google Chart is the one I use all over the world, it points to the actual position that refers to the roads; I'd say quite exact and actual. GooglEarth is another application. Will Google Mapping work without an online browser? Thought it looks easy to get too, and seems to have, at least from cards, a decent place to a day cycle. a...

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