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Anglo-Myanmar offline dictionary and learning modules for speaking, vocabulary. Download English-Myanmar dictionary on Google Play. The Google Books & Internet Archive. Automatic detection of Myanmar and English text.

You can download the APK file directly from here if you cannot access the Google Play Store.

Directives for translations

If all things are the same, we want the translations to be succinct, brief and less verbose. It is the preferential way to say the same thing. b) Translate the whole sentences, not the single sentences or sentences.

A frequent problem for the translator is that when they translate a long phrase, they try to keep to the order of the English terms in the captioning. But it often results in a clumsily and verbose rendering and an unintentional inconsistency with the film. It is important to recall that the order in which the people of Burma say something can often be different from the order in which you would have it in English - especially in the long phrases with several terms.

The second part may make more sense in English if you say it in Burmese first. We do not have to go in order and interpret each line as it appears in the heading, but the whole phrase as a whole. Take for example the following example, a phrase in English is converted into three different phrases in Burmese.

It' s verbose, repeating, and the river is not slippery, it' s quite unnatural and it' s very strange to say in Burmese. There are also extra texts (i.e. this reference value ) that are not included in the source text because the interpreter has tried to turn a phrase (or phrases) into a meaning.

Bottom is a pristine, succinct and very consequent (with the original) English version of it in just one phrase. Again, it is only possible because we are translating the phrase as a whole. Therefore, you should choose the accurate Burmese translations of the initial phrase in a very naturally way in which the Burmese would say it without thinking about the order in which the terms appear in the captions.

What we say and what we say in Burmese is often not the same. Here are some samples (what is in parentheses is the proper notation, while the previous one is what we found in the tape that has been created on the basis of what we say): When you come across a specific language and there is no common Burmese language version, you are strongly advised to keep it in English.

While we were thinking of drafting the debate in Burmese, we fear that this could result in uneven notation. In computer sciences, for example, we should not be translating the word'variable', but simply leaving it in English. Commonly adopted and proven expressions should be converted into Burmese, but you can also keep mathematical expressions such as "logarithm" or "quadratics" in English.

Here is an example of how you can compile into Burmese: Translating into English subtitles and synchronisation is possible with the help of the following example: 8X plus 15 (X squares plus): Translating demands an appreciation of both civilisations. Interpreter can work as" when he became president" in Burmese. I would like to help with the translations, but I'm not good at typesetting Burmese!

Don't be worried, we have a staff of Myanmar transcriptionists who can enter your hand-written captions and post them on the web for you! Do you have a due date for the translations of a film? There are no deadlines, as the translations are optional and the amount of material needed to produce a finished product may vary from individual to individual.

However, we strongly suggest submitting Burma captions within 3 week of booking a film. In this way we can re-assign a movie if we don't get a subtitle after one months. Shall we go straight into Burma on what Sal says in the film? As the grammatical composition of Burma is not the same as English, the straightforward English to Myanmar English translations often sounds cumbersome and difficult to grasp.

Therefore, we suggest that you rewrite an English phrase of a sub-title at your own pace so that it runs fluently in Burma. Simultaneously, remember to work with the tape itself to synchronize Sal's statements with Burma caption. It says to use Myanmar3 to enter the Myanmar caption.

Can' t see the Myanmar typeface in my webrowser! These are two very useful add-ons Myanmar to Myanmar for Chrome and FireFox browsers. Burma Myanmar Tagger and Parallels Universal Expansion.

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