Good Time to Visit Myanmar

A good time to visit Myanmar

When planning a trip to Myanmar, once a closed nation, ask yourself what the weather is like in Myanmar and when is the best time to visit Myanmar. Weather, Myanmar and the best time to visit Myanmar. I' ve been there several times in all seasons. It is my personal opinion that it is always good to go there. Which is the best time to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar

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Burma (Myanmar) Weather & best travel time for Myanmar (Burma)

The year-round high temperatures are an Myanmar symbol. Like in many South East Asia lands, Myanmar has two different times of the year, the arid and the soppy. Drought begins from October to May, when it is chilly at nights and in some places at high altitudes. During the rainy period from May to September, when the monsoons arrive and the land rains heavily.

Temperatures fluctuate throughout the year. It is the gold standard that it is always colder in the spurs and seas than at the sea and in the flat. In March and June the warmest time of the year is over 40°C with high air humid. Once the tsunami begins to rain, the streets to the countryside are closed, making it necessary to take an eavesdropper or canopy.

During November the month of the year the monsoons disappear, the weather gets colder, a cosy breeze blows and the sky is clear. The best time to visit Myanmar is between November and February, as it is the least rainy and the temperatures are not too high ('27°C mean temperature). But it is also the high tourist time.

Looking at October instead, one can experience an unforeseen, rewarding journey - the climate at that time is still good and colder than in the hot summers with fewer crowds of overcrowds. When it comes to packing, it is often advisable to take a sweater or wool for the evening all year round.

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