Good Morning Myanmar Photo

Morning Myanmar Photo

"~ Photo by Jongsung Ryu - National Geographic Your Shot. Tomorrow the balloons in Bagan Myanmar. Image of Good Morning Myanmar stock photo, images and stock photography. "~ Photo by Jongsung Ryu - National Geographic Your Shot. Tomorrow the balloons in Bagan Myanmar.

A very good and easy look back at Good Morning, Pindaya, Myanmar

Meal is really good and the rates are even better: a 2 supper (noodles and curry) cost only 3000k? In Pindaya, a tidy and very welcoming place. The menu was not very large, although the meal was delicious and the cost was very reasonable. A very good traditional Austrian dish. They' re good folks with very good meals.

Favourable prices and good services. There were only two criticisms, but good ones. It is a very comfortable place to come back or go from the Pindaya Caves. There are various options on the meal list, from Shan to delicious tasty meals. So I ordered the roasted noodles with vegetable and they were very good.

It was a beautiful place with an Englishman meal with 5 different pasta meals. You ever been to Good Morning? Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your account and much more.

Myanmar Photo Tour & Workshop

In Yangon, you will be met at the Yangon International Airports and taken to your accommodation. Yangon, formerly Rangoon, is still a town of the past, as its lyongi-wearing pedestrian, homeless salesmen and stinging odours show. Afternoons or evenings orientations at the hotels, then dinners and overnight in Yangon.

Morning: In the morning we will take a sightseeing trip through the Shwedagon Pagoda, then to Bago, then we will take a sightseeing trip through Bago, then back to Yangon for an afternoon shooting in the Shwedagon Pagoda. Shimmering in golden and adorned with diamond, the giant Shwedagon Pagoda is a stunning work of Burma's Temples and the most sacred Buddha School in Myanmar.

Overnight stay in Yangon. In the morning we fly from Yangon to Mandalay, where we are brought to our hotels. At the check-in we will enjoy a morning sightseeing trip to Mandalay and City Palace. The Mandalay is known for its wealth of palagodas and convents and has been an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists for almost two hundred years.

Just the views from Mandalay Hill are rewarding the ascent. We are pampered with one of Mandalay's puppet shows after supper. Stay overnight in Mandalay. MANDALAY 4:All day: Visiting Inwa, Sayaing, Amarapura and if we have enough free Ubien Bridge.

Amarapura, the city of the immortals, was a capital before Mandalay was made. At Amarapura we go to the Mahagandayone convent to watch the breakfast of several hundred people. It is a photographers' heaven, with some brickwork convents in a blend of Western and Myanmar architecture while others are made of solid trekking.

Stay overnight in Mandalay. Mandalay 5:Breakfast at the motel, then accompanied full days trip to the town of Mingun by charter. And Mingun is also home to the Mingun Pagoda, the uncompleted pagoda that King Bodawpaya constructed between 1790 and 1797 we go back to Mandalay, see and take pictures of the Minguns after a rest at sundown and cross the U Bein Brigde, the longest trek deck in the time.

Stay overnight in Mandalay. Free days for picture downloads, a hydromassage, a bath in the swimming pools and/or a 30-minute briefing with Karl and/or a personal photo lesson according to your needs. 3 pm shuttle to the international airports and brief fly to Bagan - sunset in the Shwesandaw Lagoon (view to the east).

You' re going to stay the whole evening in Bagan. We' re going back to the motel for our breakfasts. Later, we will start the tour through Bagan from Nyaung Oo Square and some large sanctuaries like Shwezigon, Htilominlo and Ananda. In the afternoon we visited the paint factory and the town of Minnanthu. You' re going to stay the whole evening in Bagan. Morning 8:This morning we got up early to capture our horse-drawn coaches for a dawn in the temple.

We will then take a full days trip to make chocolate, liquor and prune juices on the way to Mount Popa. We will see and take pictures of this show before we return to Bagan to set a photo shooting at Phat That Gyi Temple, followed by a meal and a good evening in Bagan.

Stage 9: Free days in Bagan to see your favourite temple by bike, horse-drawn carriage or on foot. In 30-minutes-intervals Karl is there for you to help you with all your questions concerning photography. Charlemagne will give two thirty-minute talks on photography, illumination and construction of reports, if allotted. You' re going to stay the whole evening in Bagan.

In the morning from Bagan to Heho, then transportation to Inle Lake / Nyaungshwe, stop to take pictures of the Heho-Markt. Once in Nuangshwe, you immediately get on Long Taxi and head over Inle Lake to a wonderful place to rest and soothe.

We are invited for a boating trip in the afternoons to take pictures of fishermen's cottages on the lakes. Evening meal and night in Heho. 11th day: Guided trip with privately owned yachts to various market places by the sea, where mountain people buy, trade and trade all kinds of goods, incl. seafood, products, agricultural tools and craft.

As well as all the lakefront activity we take pictures of, we are also visiting the Jumping Cat Convent (Nga Phe Kyaung) and a historic mill where old silks are used. Evening meal and night in Heho. After a cozy breakfasts our privately owned yachts bring us to the city of Nuangshwe and we cheque into our city.

You will have the free time today to discover the city of Nuangshwe with its stores, convents, pagodas and lively market. Evening meal followed by a night's rest in Nuangshwe. 13th day: On this morning we get up early to take pictures of religious from the locals' convents and collect their everyday charity from the locals.

Later, we have a sightseeing walk through the city of Nuangshwe with its many convents, marquees and the auctions. Stay overnight in Nuangshwe. 14:After breakfasts we are brought back to Heho and fly to Yangon. We have the afternoons for relaxing, shopping or taking pictures, after check-in at our hotels, inclusive a last option to go to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Tonight we will have a good bye supper and stay the last two nights in Yangon.

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