Good in Burmese

Well in Burmese

Just like good morning: min ga la ba. ((m?n g? g? g?

l?? b??); Good night (to sleep): You will speak Burmese in ten lessons, in ten minutes. Myanmar's tourists come as far as hello and thank you. Not many high-quality rubies are coming from Burma at the moment.

It is a good on-line Burmese-English language lexicon.

This resource is mainly derived from the Myanmar-English Lexicon (1993, Myanmar Language Commission; newly published 1996, Dunwoody Press ISBN 1-881265-47-1, and used here with their permission). It contains about 35,000 words, among them verbal and written style, the name of shared wildlife and flowers, and ancient and outdated words. A lot of records contain application samples and/or typologies.

The Burmese grammar follows the Myanmar Law Commission's 1986 standards for grammar notation. SEAlang Library was founded in 2005 with TICFIA resources from the US Department of Education and the CRCL. It provides linguistic resources for Southeast Asia. Until 2009, it concentrated on the non-Roman written world, which is used throughout the continent, and in 2010-2013 it will focus on the many South East Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Ressources include: bi-lingual and unilingual lexicons, unilingual text corpus and targeted bit text corpus, editing, search and viewing utilities for advanced fonts, specialised encyclopedias, and historic and etymology lexicons.

Burmese food - Review of the Sagaing Hill Restaurant, Mandalay, Myanmar

While visiting the city of Legaing during my trip through Myanmar, one evening I had dinner at the Tagaing Hill Restuarant. It is an open-air cafeteria with overhead ventilators. The dish I selected was Tagaing Hill Fish Curry; stewed brown paddy was made from a large golden dish resembling an almoner.

It was very good freshly caught seafood. This was a solid piece of whitefish with a strong marmalade. It was a beautiful old-fashioned meal in a picturesque setting with a great prize. Though it was mainly intended for tour groups, it was a well stocked and well serviced outfit. That' good English from the waitresses.

It'?s a good place to dine. A further good suggestion from our nicknamed Starsky this beautiful place in Paris i Quarter, Legaing hills. Nice Ristorante with very good meal and services our suggestions; poultry orangesauce, roasted meats and sagaing sausage! This is the best place to go!!!!!! Large outside dining room with overhead ventilators on demand (at least in my experience) and just a waitress who speaks English (it took 3 inquiries to get salt) The meal was Burmese and nothing to be written about at home.

The price was slightly above normal, as the place is aimed at the tourist. So the only chance for dinner in Sagain Hills and luckily great. Proprietor U Aung Khein is a resident businessman (I think he makes jam) who founded the place. His English is good and his employees are well educated. He' Aung is a charming man.

Then he drove up the hill with us and shows us on the way down a remote little old wooden tiny sanctuary that only few know - breathtaking. I wish more Burmese diners had owners of his caliber. This is the right place if you want to have your meal before or after your stay in the area.

Have you been to the Legaing Hill Restaurant?

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