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Gulf in Thailand

Nong Gae Tambol / Thailand. The Laem Chabang International Country Club. All the information you need with photos, maps, directions and the nearest golf courses for hotels, resorts and holiday homes in Thailand. Golf-reviews, golf ratings, photos, resort or hotel and travel information of the best golf courses for a great golf trip to Thailand. The team is supported by local experts in Thailand who have the local knowledge and experience to ensure that your golf holiday runs smoothly.

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Come and see our Thailand Golf holiday tips. The majority of golf greens are equipped with many fountains and strategic locations, so that the golf player has to use a good golf course managment to get good points. The variety of destinations and the wide selection of golf courts throughout the entire land are crucial to attract the large number of people who come to Thailand to the game.

Begin by choosing a course from the Thailand Golf Course Map on the lefthand side for individual or group golfers at one of our presented locations. Whatever you want to customize one of our packed Thailand golf trips, we can help you.

Gulf & Travel in Thailand

Thailand is a premier tourism location with a range of alternate rides and thrilling ways to enjoy golf and touring. Golfing in Thailand, and its touristic attraction, remains unrivaled in every other part of the game. It is not only rich in historical and cultural heritage, but also in golf course of the highest standard.

On request, your golf trips in Thailand can be arranged so that you have plenty of opportunities for sight-seeing and purchasing at the same as well. Away from your Thailand golf trip, the towns with their many churches and overnight market are awakened to a modern mall, offering golf, travelling and more.

Recreational golf and spas also allow you to experience the rejuvenation treatment in the many spas throughout Thailand. Just sit back and indulge in a Thai tradition or just sit back and unwind by the swimming pools. Golf- and Spa-Packages are available in all our tailor-made Golf-Packages and ensure highest contentment.

Eating during your Thailand golf trips offers a large selection of eastern or westerly cuisines - all at a competitive price and at a very good price. Thailand is known for its variety and excellence, and our golf packages offer you the opportunity to taste all the specialities of the area. You can be sure of a cordial welcome from courteous and kind individuals during your golf trip in Thailand, and you will find that golf & travelling in Thailand is an exceptionally welcoming one.

Thailand is a must for anyone who wants to have an individual golf holiday that will always be remembered for an truly memorable golf time. Thailand, one of the world's premier tourist destination, is a theatre of culture and sensuality that attracts billions of international tourists every year.

Gulf in Thailand has long been one of its best kept mysteries, but now visitors have easy entry to its many beautiful and breathtaking golfing spots and can enjoy this in one of our Thailand golf holidays. No handicap certificates or golf course passes are needed, so the golf course is for all.

Everyone can take full benefit of our Thailand golf vacation for beginner and intermediate as well. There are almost 200 golf greens throughout Thailand, most of them in the most favourite travel locations of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Well-known golf pros such as Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Gary Player, Greg Norman and well-known course designer Robert Trent Jones and Pete Dye have created many of Thailand's golf courts.

Whenever you choose to golf in Thailand, you will find excellently groomed and well-kept golf courts with stunning club houses, which offer you outstanding opportunities to spoil yourself after your round. All this contributes to the golfing in Thailand. An individual golf holiday in one of our many suggested destinations is easy to arrange and offers an exciting way to perfect your golfing in Thailand.

The majority of Thailand's golf courts have buggies for rent, but they can have a bonus in the "high season", so please be aware. Also, please be aware that all golf destinations in Thailand have a so-called "soft spike" approach, so make sure you have the right shoes. Depending on your needs, there are a number of options where you can set yourself up for a unique customized golf vacation. These include the following

Whatever you want to customize one of our packed Thailand golf trips, we can help you. On a Thai golf course, a caddy is obligatory during your golf holiday and costs about 200 Bahts (about 5 US dollars) per round, which is part of the Greenfee rate.

It is obligatory to use a car on some Thai golf courts. The caddy will be assigned to you upon your arriving and will take care of your golf club up to the stroke and will help you especially when playing golf in Thailand. The caddy is always useful, and forever with a smile on your face, another part of the Thailand golf world.

At 200 Baltons this is very much the bargain of a lifetime and as such, peaks to golf caladdies are much cherished at the end of your golf days. What a great deal! Thailand has a three different seasonal climates - warm (April-June), rainy (July-October) and cold (November-March). The temperature in Thailand ranges from 35ºC in April to 20ºC in December.

Northern Thailand has a much colder weather than the central plains and the south, and you should take this into account when you plan your individual golf holiday. It is possible to play a round of golf in Thailand almost at any moment of the year, even in the wet seasons, when rainfall is usually short-lived and seldom brings a golf match in Thailand to a standstill.

During this time the classes are often calmer, which gives you more selection and opportunities during your individual golf holiday. Throughout your Thailand golf holidays you will be blessed averaging 12 hrs of sunlight and light throughout the year, from 6. 30 am to 6. 30 p. m. It should be noted, however, that in the high seasons (November - March) the Thai golf courts are very heavily frequented and therefore the required tees may not be possible.

This is a great way to get to know the local population. Thais are traditional very courteous, kind and uncomplicated persons. It is known for its tolerant attitude towards other civilizations and its kindness towards those who take up Golf & Travel's services. It' s important that on your golf trips in Thailand you show due regard and appreciation for this very lovable land and don't let anyone loose face.

Acknowledging the concerns of certain occasions and being courteous, showing good habits and smiles will earn you great esteem from the local population, staff and everyone associated with your golf trips in Thailand. The Thais want you to be able to experience their land with its many rides and tailor-made golf courses. You will avoid to make your golf & travelling as unforgettable as possible.

While you are on our Thailand golf trips, there are some typical Thailand folklore traditions you should be aware of. During the entire time of their individual golf package the Thais have a very profound, tradional adoration for the royal family, and a guest should always show respects for the king, the queen and the royal children.

Those who want to take sight-seeing with our tailor-made golf course packs should wear proper clothing in all our church shrines as well as our sanctuaries and never do without any shirt, short or other inappropriate clothing. Our aim is to make sure that our Thailand travel deals provide you with the opportunity to experience all that this varied destination has to boast to you.

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