Golden Sky Guesthouse Hpa an

Hpa Golden Sky Guest House

Hpa-an Golden Sky Guest House. The Golden Sky Guesthouse, Hpa An Picture: On the top floor there is an absolutely spectacular view. There is the only advantage of this pension, the other rooms are a little expensive for the comfort. Gold-sky-guest house, Great place by the water and main pagoda.

Retrospect of Golden Sky Guesthouse, Hpa An, Myanmar

Arrived 4hrs ago, and yes, the woman is "special", but nice. They are very kind, but the icing on the cake is the views! Rooms above for 20 are big and tidy, below for 15$ it's good for me, I like the high pigeon of the place.

It' as if they have altered their mind where to put things and lay wires etc. in a rush.

Myanmar Golden Sky Guesthouse - Myanmar Hotel Booking Center 2018

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